Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


6. the arrival

Leeyas POV
Me: hi ruby i havent herd from you in ages how are you
Ruby: hi leeya I'm good how are you
Im just calling from the airport i was wondering if you can come and pick me up
Me: yeah sure ill be right there. Do you mind if i bring someone
Ruby: no i don't mind
Me: ok see you soon
Ruby: bye
I told louis that i am going to the air port
Me: louis would you like to come to the airport with me
Louis: what about the other boys lets ask them
Me: ok babe
We want down stairs and asked the boys harry said he will come we got in the car and left for the air port it took about 20 minutes we got there and i ran in a saw ruby straight away i hugged her and then harry and louis came in harry looked at ruby for a long time louis came over to me and kissed me
Me: ruby this is louis and this is harry
Ruby: how did you meet them
Me: well my new job as a waitress they came in and no one but me and two of my bestes said they would waiter there table

Harrys POV
when i saw leeyas friend i couldn't take my eyes off her she was beautiful couldn't believe my eyes
Ruby: harry right
Me: arr umm yeah
Ruby: so i have herd about your mum has she found you yet
Leeya: no not ye----* CLICK CLICK
louis picked up leeya and i went to grab rubys hand then realized leeya had already grabbed her hand we hopped in the car put rubys luggage in the boot and drove off when we got back the boys came over to leeya and louis and dragged us  over to the TV i looked at it in terra i looked at louis
Louis: don't worry if your step mum gets anywhere near you i wi-----
Ruby: no louis boys cant bash up girls i will bash her i have been doing karate all you will have to do is hide her and call the police * ring ring* leeya picked up her phone
Leeyas POV
I was so terrified i wanted to go hide anywhere i looked over at louis then my phone rang
Chris: hi bad news
Me: i know the paparazzi took photos with me and louis now she will know where i am * sob
Chris: yes that but you know your step dad that sort of killed your mum when they were dating
Me: * crying sniff* yea
Chris: and did all those things to you he us now teaming up with you step mum and are now looking for you and your father
Me: can i have dads number please i want to know if he is alright
Chris: i don't know he told me not to give it to you but i can ring him and then ask him if he ants to talk to you
I hung up i looked at louis with tear filled eyes he just came over to me and held me


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