Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


13. same innocent little girl

Louis POV

I said my hellos to my family 

me: hi mum hi dad meet leeya she is my girlfriend 

leeya: H-Hello Mr and Mrs tomlinson

mum and dad were mumbling and whispering to eachother untill

me: MUM DAD!!

mum and dad: oh hi leeya was it 

I looked over to the boys and gave them the introduce-yourself-to-my-family look they realized what I meant and introduce themselves

me: mum dad weres emily

mum: oh sorry darling but she is well-

i could see tears forming in her eyes i went over to her and hugged her

dad: well son she has changed a little and we have not seen her for a while but we know were she is 

leeya: sorry for me asking but who is emily?

me: babe emily is my younger sister the whole reason i want ed to come home was because well its her birthday in two more days on saturday and well

leeya: well we could go get her

me: really babe you want to do that

leeyas POV

i had a feeling that i knew this emily girl i have not told louis this yet but i use to live the next street over and i remember my brother (ryan) always saying he was going over to a friends place called lou

~~~~~~~~~~~~flash back~~~~~~~~~~~~

ryan: hey mum and dad can i go over to lou's house its just a friend of mine he is just a year older than leeya and he has a sister thats a year younger than leeya 

me: ryan can I please go please please

ryan: go ask mum and then but also tell her that i wont be there at the house i will only be there for a minute ok

me; ok...MUM can i go with ryan to see this girl and so i can be friends with another girl here since i acctuly only have one but ryan wont be there for long.

mum: sure honey but be care full if she is mean or hurts you come back here ok

me: sure thing mum

~~~~~~~~~ end of flash back ~~~~~~~~~

me: louis i umm i have not told you this yet but my house that we moved to when i was like12 is the next street over and urg did you have a friend named ryan when you were like 13 and over untill ryan who was 14 when you  two meet

louis: yes babe this is getting a bit scary yes and he had a little sister bout your age wait how did you know that

me: well i am the little sister and that one time when you and him went out to play football

he shushed me by kissing me we pulled away and everyone was looking at us i did not care louis grabbed my hand and put me in the car 

louis: dad we is emily we are going to go get her

louis dad: she is and the club in town or at Isabellas place

louis: harry and zayn go to the club and find her here is a photo 

louis handed harry a peice of paper and harrys eyes got big louis gave harry a death glare

louis came back to the car and got in the drivers seat he drove off i could not help but look at him he was he looked so serious he looked like liam the thought of that made me giggle he looked over at me 

louis: this is not funny i have to find my sister

that made me giggle even more yup that looks like liam haha

me: s sorry i i just it it y you just looked like liam so serious 

i chuckled we stoped in front of a big cream coloured house we got out of the car and knocked on the door

harrys POV 

louis: harry and niall you go to the club and find her here is a photo

i looked down at the piece of paper louis just handed me my eyes got big louis sent me a death glare we walked over to my car and hopped in and niall hopped in the passager seat we drove of to the club i knew were to go because i remember visiting here quiet alot we got to the club and niall and i got in side 

niall: harry you go look around the bar and ill look around the wall and on the dance floor

harry: ok my Irish friend 

Nialls POV

me: harry you go look around the bar amd ill look aroung the walls and on the dance floor

i hoped harry would not get a drink while we were here

harry:  ok my Irish friend

urg i hated when he called me that i walked away harry showed me the picture and i thought i recognised this girl from somewhere i just could not remember where i got to the back corner and then saw someone dancing on the dance floor who looked familer i walked over to her and looked her and shook my head she looked at me and just kept looking me up and down 

me: emily?

Emily: yea that's my name don't wear it out 

me: emily tomlinson?

Emily: yeah i said that was my name jeez

me: you need to come with me NOW!

Emily: why leave so soon i just meet you 

i grabbed her hand and draged her to were i found harry

Me: harry i found her now lets go

harry: ok

we went to the car while i texted louis we found her

Niall/me: louis we found her she was in the club> sent to louis

Louis: ok cool ill meet you  back at my place> sent to Niall

me: harry  i texted louis and and he said to meet him at his place

louis POV

while we were talking to Isabella parents we realized she was not there then i got a text from niall i grabbed leeyas hand and said soory to isabellas parents and drove home when we got there we got inside and saw all the boys and ruby and bella then i saw emily and ran over to her and hugged her she looked horrible she was not the same innocent little girl that i use to know 



this is a long chapter sorry i have not updated for quite a while we went to hobart we had to fly down from Adelaide hope you enjoyed this one what do you think happened to emily does emily remember leeya and does leeya go to her family and not see the rest of one direction read and please comment i will try to update and reply to your comments  please recommend this story to people only if it is worth it if you have any ideas please tell me through comments or instagram people who dont know what instagram is its a photo texting app on apple products i have it on my ipod here is my username - phoebekoop or email here is my email only for ideas and comments if they are secret lol byee my lovlies 

-Bebe xx

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