Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


10. Louis is cheating!!!

Leeyas POV
i woke up next to louis my head rested on his chest i looked up at him
Louis: morning babe
Me: morning
Louis: i was just wondering if you wanted to come on tour with us
Me: well alright were are you going
Louis: i am pretty sure that we are going to australia and the-----
Me:AUSTRALIA ahhh thats were my home is my family of course ill come wait are we also going to new zealand
Louis: whhh well yea
Louis: so your excited then
Me: well yea

Louis POV
i was so happy to see her this excited
Me: leeya have you ever been on a plane before?
Leeya: well yea but when i was like 5 when i came to here from australia

I could see the tears in leeyas eyes i wanted to ask why but inside of me just made me feel bad if i ask i held her and kissed her on the cheek
Me: leeya whats wrong
Leeya: . . . Well the reason i left with my dad was because . . . Of steve and diana
Me: when ever i hear those names i want to kill them

That made her giggle she sat up and looked at her iPhone 4
Leeya: omg its 10:00 i have to go to work today

Amy and Bella then walked in more like barged
Leeya: wow girls stop the yellin

Leeya started to giggle again i think she has forgotten all about it. She hoped out of bed grabbed her clothes and went for the shower but she stopped at the door and looked at me
Leeya: hey babe
Me: yea
Leeya: do you mind having a shower with me i am a little scared

Leeyas POV
I asked louis to have a shower with me cause i was scared if someone comes in and tries to take me away and plus i like his body next to mine
He smiled then grabbed his clothes
Louis: i thought you would never ask
Me: :) thats all i need to know

We hopped in the shower and louis came real close to me and ( skip skip skip did you really think i was going to do that write what they are doing in the shower i think you can just make it up your self haha skip them getting out and getting dressed )
I walked out of the room then i notice something under the pillow of our bed
I picked it up and read it

To Louis
                 Hello i was just wondering if i was going to see you again i love you and i want to be with you i hope you feel the same way

Love from Eleanor

Grrr who ever this chick is grr i just want to wait there i another one  this is what is says

To Eleanor
                      I am sorry but i have only seen you at the club and i already have a girlfriend but i like you you are very pretty. I dont need to say any more

Love from louis

Me: louis get here now
Louis: why whats up babe
Me: dont babe me who is this Eleanor chick and why are you sending her letters show me your phone
Louis: no im not going to so you my phone

I burst into tears not even thinking i should probably go to work but i just wanted to cry louis sat beside me
Louis: i am sorry it was the girl that i was talking to a lot at the club
Me: yeah . . But y y you didn't even talk tto me very much and i have one question for you did you fall for this girl
Louis: no well why does it matter i am with now and forever
Me: no your not
Louis: but i i just kissed her once and gave her my number

Then his phone received a text i jumped to get it i read the text it was   From that chick Eleanor i read it out

Louis i just want to see you now so i can kiss that gorgeous face of yours again
From Eleanor

I burst in to tears again then his laptop started to ring he answered it

Eleanor: Hi lou love you
Louis: for f**k sake stop f**king sending me things yea your pretty but i don't love you how many times do i have to tell you for christ sake

He than burst in to tears i went to his laptop
Me: ok bitch you stop making my boyfriend angry and delete him off your contacts ok

Then i hung up louis looked at me
Louis: boyfriend
Me: yeah

He then kissed me it seemed to last forever but only seemed to last 1 minute he got a text and ran down to the boys
Louis: did you boys just get the same text as me
The other boys: yup
Me: what what was it
Louis: babe do you really want to come on tour with us
Me: of course i do
Louis: ok then pack bags we are leaving early tomorrow
Me: really ___________________________________________________________________________________________

ok here is my uptade for today its not the best one but im getting to that and thank you again for reading this book at least 8 more chapters maybe even another 9 and if you request it ill make a squeal? you never know 



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