Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


7. injures and sad times

Leeyas POV
Louis decided to take me out side and take me places we went to the ice rink we were the only one there then i saw ruby harry zayn liam niall amy and bella i went to go hug them but i fell on my bum and louis came over picked me up and kissed my cheek i walked over to ruby
Me: hey ruby
Ruby: hiya leeya
Me: so did you see how harry looked at you at the air port
Ruby: yeah and we have been hanging out he said he liked you two months ago and still does a little but when he saw me it was like he went to heaven and finally found the right girl
Me: awww that is so sweet
Ruby: i know but you do know i have a idiot as a boyfriend and i am afraid if i dumb him he will hurt me so bad and i---
Me: don't worry rubs call the police
Ruby thats the reason i have come down here cause before i left i wrote a note and put on his bed then i changed my phone number and now i feel safe so yeah maybe i will ask harry out
Me: you could do it or he is doing it now
I left so harry could talk to ruby i went over to amy niall and louis i stood next to louis
Me: so amy and niall you two going out now
Amy and niall: yea we are now
Then they kissed eachother and wouldn't let go so we decided to go and talk to liam and bella then they started kissing and not stoping zayn left louis went on to the ice skating rink and held his hand out for me to take but just as i was about to take it i feel down louis picked me up skated around with me in his arms i smiled then i started drawing circles on his chest
Louis: you such tease
Me: i know do you want to go
Louis nodded and so we left we got out side and there standing right in front of me was my step dad he had a gun
Step dad: so there you are you little slut
Louis: don't talk to her like that
Louis punched him in the guts and then my step dad pulled out his gun and shot louis leg i cried i wanted to get at him and hurt him so bad ruby came out and rang the ambulance
Step dad: leeya you come with me now or you little friend here gets shot as well
I went with him he had a little apartment he told me to wait in the lounge then my step mum came out naked with my step dad i knew what was now going to happen they both started to take off my clothes i started to cry then my step mum slapped me i stopped crying
Step mum: stop your crying girl or else thats not all you get
I then realized there was pole they urged me to pole dance naked i knew how to because i had to do it when i was younger then step mum who now i am going to call diana and my step dad name is steve
Steve: come on you know more than that come on give the pole more
Diana: come on over here and give us some pleasure
I started to cry but i had to do what they say our else i will be dead

Louis POV
the last thing i remember was leeya getting taken away by her step dad were am i no I'm in hospital i saw bella with liam beside me and on the other side ruby and harry then at the then end of the bed was zayn niall and amy i started to cry cause leeya was not there the others asked me if i was ok i said yes and that i wanted to see leeya they all shook there head

Leeyas POV
I was still with diana and steve i wanted to leave i had scrtaches all over me and i was scared they kept making me do things i didn't even want to do i started to cry again then there was a knock on the door i wrapped my self in a blanket and steve opened the door naked it was the police i was saved grabbed my clothes and told the policeman what happened the police man handcuffed them but diana punched me in the head and my nose bled then i blacked out

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