Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


8. i now feel safe

Ruby POV
I herd that leeya came in to the hospital and to be operated on i ran with ruby close behind i was scared that i was going to loose my best friend
Amy: ruby what if we lost leeya
Me: dont worry amy she will be alright i hope
Then the other boys came and sat with us
Zayn: louis just has to have a check up and then he will come straight here to us
Liam: yeah but he has to still stay in the hospital
Then the doctor came out
Doctar: is anyone here for leeya leeya charley
Bella amy and the boys: YES  is she alright
I saw louis coming he was not aloud to run but he fast walked he asked if he could go in to see leeya the doctor shook his head louis looked at the ground then harry came over and sat louis down
when i got a text from niall that leeya and louis where in hospital i ran to the car outside of the supermarket and drove to the hospital i went in to the waiting room
Me: you have to let me in i have to see leeya
I was held back by the doctors then niall took me and sat me beside him i started to cry niall kissed my head i saw louis with a cast on
Me: what happened why is leeya in hospital and why does louis have a cast on
I had so many questions going through my head i wanted to know everything
Me: niall why didn't you ring or text me what was going on i could have helped
I rested my head on nialls chest and cried when i looked up ruby was on harrys lap crying and bella trying to get in to see leeya i soon feel asleep
                  ~ 1 hour later ~
Louis POV
the doctor came out and said that we are able to see her  and that she was awake i fast walked in to her side she looked at me strangely
Me: leeya are you feeling ok
The others walked in the girls in the other side of leeya
Leeya: whos leeya and why are you holding my hand who are you and where am i
I started to cry then
Ruby: leeya us your name and that is your boyfriend dont you remember?
Amy: leeya you remember me right
Bella: and me
Leeya: no i dont remember any of you and really he is my boyfriend i thought my name was charlee thats what the person kept saying to me
We started to cry
Leeyas POV
Who were these people why was he holding my hand i was scared i want to go hone but i dont know where home is looked around the doctor came in and
Doctor: it appears that leeya has lost her memory you may take her home with you and try to jog her memory the boy was very handsome he kept a hold of my hand and we got in a car but then the boy left and kissed me on the cheek
Me: why is he not coming
Ruby: because he has to stay at the hospital just for tonight
Me: ok

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