Never Again

the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her does she run from her problems what happens read to find out


1. how i meet 1D

I am 19 and i am at a  work interview for a restaurant i got the job. I start tomorrow i am a waitress i got up early and i got dressed i wore the uniform that i had to wear i liked it. I went in and  a lot of the girls that already worked there pointed  and laughed  at me i didn't care.I waitered my first table the boss talked me through it my boss was really kind he was my second cousin after all.after the long day of work i had to do the washing up with another girl her name is amy we are now friends and she told me how to get a raise and i told her to be kind and helpful and thats how you get tips i usually got quite a lot of tips then after a few more weeks working at the restaurant there was a announcement that 1 Direction was going to dine here i was really excited i love 1 Directions songs and i usually pretend i am in there band and  i am their lead singer. The day came and i got to serve louis and harry. Louis was my favorite.

Louis P.O.V
The nice girl that took my order was really kind i think ill ask her what her name is and her number she is quite beautiful.

Leeyas P.O.V
I saw louis looking at me i was wondering what he was thinking i wish i got his number amy looked happy she was waitering Liam and Niall she was a big fan like me but i think she likes Niall.

Amy's P.O.V
I was so excited to wait Niall and Liam i think i might ask Niall for his number.

Leeyas P.O.V
Louis: Hi can i know what your name is?
Me: yeah of corse its leeya
Louis: wow thats a pretty name
Did louis just ask what my name was did he say that i have a pretty name OMG wait i should probaly reply
Me: thanks
I blushed and as i was walking away i felt something grab my arm i turned around and it was louis
Louis: can you possibly tell me your number?
Me: sure
I stared writing my number down on the serviette then i noticed harry looking at me.
Me: Would u like my number too
Harry: Umm arr ok
I smiled and wrote my number yet again on the serviette and passed it to harry
Louis P.O.V
What was harry doing didn't he know i dibs this girl leeya. I kicked harry under the table so leeya couldn't see harry stared at me confused leeya walked away into the kitchen and i told harry that i liked her and wanted to get to know her i don't think harry was listening he was looking at the kitchen door.
Harry : louis there is no need to yell

Harrys P.O.V
I know louis digs this girl but i think she is gorgeous like really pretty i think she should come hang out with us some of the other girls that worked there looked really strange some of them fainted  straangge.

Amy P.O.V
I gave Niall my number and he smiled at me i looked over to leeya and saw that she gave louis and harry her number wow girl

Leeyas P.O.V
I walked over to the chef and gave him the orders then i talked to amy she looked happy i ask why she was so happy she said because she gave Niall her number i saw a girl in the corner crying i walked over to her and asked what was wrong and she looked up and then pointed to the boss and said the boss slapped me around the face because i cracked a plate. I looked at her in disbelief but in her eyes i knew she was not lying i asked her if she wanted to wait harry Liam or Zayn she nodded and said she wanted to wait Liam just as she was about to take Liam his food i asked what her name was she said it was Bella.

Bellas P.O.V
Wow that girl is really nice i think we are friends she gave me a strange look when i told her what happened oh crap i forgot to ask what her name was damn oh well i will ask in a minute mean while i took Liam his food and he just looked at me i was getting a bit uncomfortable then i said to him if this was his dish?
Liam: ohh sorry yeah thats mine sorry your just really pretty.
Me: oh um thanks here you go umm and thanks again
Liam: thats ok oh whats your name
Me: oh its Bella
Liam: wow thats a beautiful name a bit like beauty and the beast bell her out of---
Me: yeah i know i get that a lot
Liam: oh sorry can i have your number please
Me: well i don't know. . . of corse u can
I wrote my number on the ordering list and handed it to Liam
Liam: thanks
Me: thats ok
Leeyas P.O.V
I saw Bella give her number to Liam oh la la when she came back she had the biggest smile ever i went over to her and told her this
Me: harry and louis are taking me to the movies with the other boys amy is coming to do you want to come
Bella: ok ill see you then my shift is over now so see you later.

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