It's the little things that make you beautiful

High school student Makenzie, is surprised one day by her run in with her little sisters celebrity crush, but could he be falling for her?


2. Wait , what?

Chapter 2
On my way to work, I drop off grace at her friend Mallory's house. She said they had wanted to have a lemonade stand to raise money to go to a 1D concert. It's not gonna cover much, but she doesn't know that I have about $150 saved up so far and putting in more when I get my next paycheck from nandos. I figured me and her would go together for her birthday, they have a concert the day after in Cheshire so it worked out perfectly!
When I get out of the car, there's a REALLY cute group of guys walking in. Hmm, maybe today will be a good day at work after all:) I get inside and there's a huge line and they are the very last people.
The blonde one says "ugh I'm starving!! Why can't this line move faster?!?"
One of them with red pants and a white and black striped shirt replies " calm down Niall we'll get the food soon enough."
The one that's supposedly Niall huffs and crosses his arms.
I'm at the register now getting an order from a tall man.
"your total is $5.77 , thanks for eating at nandos!"
The boys are next in line.
"I can help you over here!" I say.
They walk up and the brown curly haired one couldn't stop staring at me. I blushed and smiled .
After they ordered, they walked over to the far back corner and sat down . I wish could have talked to them other than telling them what their total was and thanking them for coming.
After about 10 minutes went by, I was cleaning some of the tables and the guy that was staring at me came up behind me and said "hello, I'm Harry, I couldn't help but look at you when we were ordering, and I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out sometime?" Wow this was really unexpected! "Ya sure! And my names Makenzie by the way." After exchanging numbers, I was so happy! Wow, this is just, amazing! He was so cute and polite! I wish I could just go home and tell grace all about what happened.
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