It's the little things that make you beautiful

High school student Makenzie, is surprised one day by her run in with her little sisters celebrity crush, but could he be falling for her?


3. So, it's a date!

On my way home from work I pick up grace and tell her EVERYTHING on the way.
"You're so lucky makenzie!" She says
"Aww thanks and someday something like this will happen to you too"
So when we get to the house I drop my keys off in the laundry room and go upstairs to change. When I get up there my phone starts buzzing and it's a text from Harry. It reads
" hey makenzie! It's me harry and if you're not doing anything tonight , we should do something, how bout dinner and a movie at my place?"
I couldn't help but smile at how dreamlike this all is! " ya that sounds good:) what time should I be there by?"
"Does 9 work?
" ok ill pick you up:) see you then!"
I should get ready since its already 7:30. It's a Friday so grace can go over to our neighbors house and sleepover since they're good friends.
"GRACE!" I yell downstairs
"Yeah makenzie?!"
"I'm going out tonight so would you want to have a sleepover with Katie?"
I grab my phone and call and ask mrs Cory if it would be ok, and I explained to her why it was such short notice. It was fine so I had grace go pack her over night stuff and head over when she was done. "Don't forget your toothbrush!" I reminded her when went upstairs to pack.
She was almost out the door but I stopped her " I love you, and have fun ok? "
"Love you too and thanks:) tell me everything tomorrow about your date tomorrow! Oh yeah and what's his name?"
"His names harry, his hair is dark chocolatey brown with the cutest curls!"
"His names harry, and he has curly brown hair?!?! Do you know what this means?!?l "
"Ummm no? Should I?"
"Well yes!! It's harry from one direction!!!" She says half screaming while jumping up and down with excitement
"Get out of here and go have fun, just cuz he has curly brown hair and is named harry doesn't mean it's him"
"Ok fine well bye and ill see you tomorrow!"
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