It's the little things that make you beautiful

High school student Makenzie, is surprised one day by her run in with her little sisters celebrity crush, but could he be falling for her?


4. It's on!

your such a gentleman!" I say laughing and him joining in.
The ride wasn't too long, but we talked a little about our selves to get to know each other better. As soon as we get to his place, again he opens the car door for me, I thank him and smile:) when we get inside I ask what movie we were gonna watch
"I was thinking we could watch love actually and then for dinner we could make some homemade pizza" he tells me
" sounds good!"
" ok so lets get started on the pizza " he says grabbing all the ingredients from the fridge and the pantry. We start making the dough and Harry starts throwing the flour at me.
" hey! Your gonna ruin my outfit!!!" I said while Throwing a handful back at him.
" haha sorry,you can borrow some clothes of mine if you'd like "
"Ok" I say following him into his room .
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