It's the little things that make you beautiful

High school student Makenzie, is surprised one day by her run in with her little sisters celebrity crush, but could he be falling for her?


5. I could get used to this

He grabs one of his purple jack wills sweatshirts and a pair of gray sweatpants.
"Ok well um where the bathroom so I can go put this on?"
"It's just around the corner, babe" he says while pointing
"Ok be out in a bit " did he just call me babe? That's so cute!
Harry's P.O.V - she so gorgeous and funny! I hope she has had fun so far and will want to go out again sometime.
She walks out of the bathroom and we walk back to the kitchen to finish the pizza. There's flour all over kitchen and in her hair. She tries to get some of it out but it's not really working so I came to the rescue with a damp cloth and try and wipe the rest out.
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