It's the little things that make you beautiful

High school student Makenzie, is surprised one day by her run in with her little sisters celebrity crush, but could he be falling for her?


1. Intro

Chapter 1
After coming home from a long, stressful day of school, I just wanted to go straight up to my room and cry into my pillow. Lately there has been alot of rumors being spread about me. There's no one here to comfort me. My mom being away for work all the time and losing my father at age 3 in a car accident . And then there's my sister, grace. She's obsessed with this boy band , I can't even remember the name of ... Wait I think it's along the lines one direction, something like that. I have to watch her most of the time so I hear EVERYTHING that goes on between those 5 boys. It can get annoying I mean we live in the middle of nowhere, south of Cheshire, so there's no way of her meeting them, I mean don't they live in America or something? Oh well maybe ill start saving up for one of their concerts for her birthday. Well grace must be almost done with school so I have to go pick her up now.
-10mins later-
"OMG OMG Mackenzie guess what?!?!" Grace screams when she gets in the car. "What?!?" I ask. " it's Harry.. There are rumors of him having a girlfriend?!?! I mean come on I had our whole wedding planned out and everything! How could he cheat on me like that?!?" She starts fake crying. I rub her back and say," it ok grace, he's like 10 years older than you anyway" she gives me 'the look' and turns away. What?! It's the truth! I mean hey, I'd have a better chance dating him since we're closer in age , I'm 17 and he's 18.
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