Chasing in a circle

This is a story about a group of spies who lost every sense of who they were. Read to find out about the killing adventure!!


1. The Objective

"Hey Jen who do you think were going to have to kill this time?" said Faniza disgustidly

"To be honest with you I don't know, but at least it's on step closer to getting.."

"Shhhh.. the van stopped we need to stay quiet so the guards don't suspect anything" said Jarupo in his accent

"Then we can move in for the kill when they leave" said Jen happily, but quietly

Faniza looks at her weirdly then giggles. She points at a squirrel inside of the van. It stares at them then leaves.

Jen pressed the bluetooth in her ear.

"You ready luke?"

"Yah let me just set the map to your location.."

" It's 2554 Germany, Berlin. The Targets name is Spetzan, Jamique. We are located in his drive way."

" All right alllllll set move out Startrot."

"Roger that Sleighcat... Startrot out"

Faniza and Jarupo turn on there bluetooth.

"Do you copy JetC." asked luke.

"Copy that over." answered Faniza

"Do you copy ReinMan." asked Luke

"Copy that Sleighcat. Do your Magic.. over." said Jarupo

"Roger that ReinMan." answered Luke

Jen grabs her AK47 and moves Left of the building. Mean while Faniza goes to the front door with Jarupo and knock.

"Who is it?" asked a person from the inside

"I'm Cassette the "ENTERTAINMENT" answered Faniza

"And the man next to you?" asked the person

"He is Daniel Rezno my body gaurd" answered Faniza

The person opens the door

"I am the owners body gaurd as well. He is upstairs." said the man

"What is your name if I may ask" asked Faniza

"Javiert Cqutch."

"Nice to meet you now if you don't mind I have a man waiting for me." said Faniza

"Yes sorry for the.. yah, but just know if you try something funny I will have to.."

"Let us be on our way Cassette." said Jarupo

You and Jarupo make your way up the stairs and to the Targets room.

"Were almost in the room is Startrot ready Sleighcat?"asked Jarupo as he covered his ear.

"Startrot located on spot... over." answered Luke

Faniza knocked on the door while Jarupo was interigated by the Targets gaurds.

"Who is it?" asked the Target

"You ordered "Entertainment"?" asked Faniza

"Come in.." says the man who holds the key to her future.

With a slit in the throat she would soon be one step closer to discovering their TRUTH.








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