Chasing in a circle

This is a story about a group of spies who lost every sense of who they were. Read to find out about the killing adventure!!


2. Finish it...Now!!!

Faniza opens the door and walks in to see a man with just a blanket that covers up of what is left of his dignity. She closes the door and takes off her robe. She hates doing this, but it gets the job done. She dances around in her lingerie. Giving him wild fantisies. Then he says..

"Please give me a twirl"

"As you wish" Faniza says with a shakey voice

The Target gets up and holds the blanket close to him, and then wraps it so it holds.He holds Faniza very close. He doesn't do anything other than dance with her. Then in her ear she hears Luke.

"JetC finish the job." Luke says

"I can't he's to innocent." answered Faniza softly

"Did you say something dear.." asked the Target

"No I was just telling you how wonderful if feels to be with a man who wants you for your warmth."

"Well I do know how to treat a woman, I was married for 29 years." he said

"What happened?" Faniza asked anxiously

"My love died of a stroke 2 days after celebrating our 29th aniversary."

Then Faniza hears Jarupo

"Is the job finished?"

"NO I can't" she replied

"What do you mean you can't" Jarupo asked angry

"I just.." she said

"Well you should fast because I just wasted all the gaurds except for the one at the door." said Jarupo

"NO! I just can't"

"Are you okay dear I think you need a ..." said the Target

He pulls out a gun aims it at you. You then trip him making him shoot the ceiling. Just when he aims the gun again Jen comes through the bathroom. She kicks the gun right out of his hand. You turn him around grab his arms cuff them. Jarupo comes in afterwards.

"Why??" he says

"I don't know I was getting delusional. I don't know what overcame me." Faniza says

"" he says shyly

Faniza noticed that she was still in her "WORK" clothes. She grabs her robe and puts it on. Jen looks at you. Then hands you the gun.

"You do it." she says grimly

"Kill him??" Faniza said puzzled

"You act like you've never done it before. You're not all pure. Now waste him." said Jen angry

"Why are you being like that." Faniza asked pissed off now.

"Because were not playing find the perfect husband. We are killing people to get to the TRUTH. You know our true identities. Or did that just you know slip out, and besides you have enough romance. I mean you have Jarupo and on top of that little pile you make him break inside just a little when you flirt with the targets." Jen said furiously

"We don't see each other like that though." Faniza said

"Don't lie I saw you holding his hand." Jen said with a witty smile

"Yah, but I mean.. it's not like that." Faniza said

"Yah.. not anymore." said Jarupo

He took the gun from Faniza and wasted the target. After that walked away

"See what you did Jen." Faniza said angry

" It was bound to happen." Said Jen seriously

Faniza looks at her in dismay and chases after Jarupo. Jen walks downstairs and hands a purse to the gaurd.

"Here hold this"she said

"Okay, but why?"said the gaurd

"Oh don't worry I'll be back in a second" Said Jen

"Okay.." He says

Jen walks away smiling. Then soon enough bits of the house followed in her path. The house had exploded. Or to be more detailed.. the purse did.

"They always fall for it." Jen said laughing

Luke walks up to her and smiles.

"I see you hid the evidence." He says cleverly

"I did." She said delighted

"Well let's get back to headquarters. General's not to pleased with Faniza's stunt." Luke said sorrowly

"Neither am I." Jen said


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