His Eyes

16 year old Naomi Hart absolutly HATES Justin Bieber. (shocking right?!) When she was young, her mom died of Breast Cancer.Having moved to Los Angeles, Californa, Naomi and her siblings have hopes to start a new life! Will they? My first story! :)


34. Vacay Part 3

Justin P.O.V

I felt the sheets shuffle as I heard the bed creak. Naomi had gotten up already? It was like 6 in the morning on a Saturday. I sat up, propping my self up on my elbows rubbing my eyes.

"Babe, why are you up so early? It's Saturday!" I said climbing out of bed throwing my shirt out of the way. I walked over to her wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my head on her shoulder. I moved her hair out of the way and started to kis on her neck. I heard soft small whimpers fallf rom her lips as she closed her eyes in delight and leaned her head back giving me more access. In between kisses I was whispering things I could to her in her ear.

"I'm gonna make you say my name. I'm gonna make you feel good." I whispered as she laughed at my comments.

"You're funny." she said turning and kissing me wrapping her amrs around my neck.

"And you're beautiful." I whispered kissing her. Once she pulled away I slapped her butt, pushing her to the shower.

"Now go take a shower we got some sight seeing to do!" I said as I guided her to the bathroom. She whipped around and pouted poking out her bottom lip.

"Bu- but it will be cold in there!' She pouted giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Why? Just turn on the hot water!" I said leaning agaisnt the door frame looking her up and down.

"Because you're not gonna be in here with me!" She said sighing and turning on the shower.

"Oh, we'll see about that!" I stepped into the bathroom closing the door behind us.


Naomi P.O.V

"So this is where you practiced hockey?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around Justin's waist as we walked throughout the ice rink. I rubbed my hands up and down my arms in attempt to warm myself up. I didn't bring my jacket because it was warm outside and I didn't know where we were going. Justin noticed my coldness and removed his jacket and put it on me. I closed my eyes in delight as I took in the smell of his scent. I gasped as I was knocked off of my feet and being carried by a running Justin.


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