His Eyes

16 year old Naomi Hart absolutly HATES Justin Bieber. (shocking right?!) When she was young, her mom died of Breast Cancer.Having moved to Los Angeles, Californa, Naomi and her siblings have hopes to start a new life! Will they? My first story! :)


18. Telling Them

Naomi P.O.V

Beep!Beep!Beep! The alarm clock went off. I rolled over to find Justin in the bed with his arms wrapped around me. I hit the alarm automatically shutting it up. I scooted closer into the warmth of Justin's body. I could stay here for a while. I smiled as I dozed back  off to sleep. After about 3 more hours of sleeping with Justin I finally decided to get all the way up.

"Noooo, don't gooo!!" Justin whined as he sat up.

"Good Morning to you too and sorry I gotta get up!" I said looking at me with puppy dog eyes and an amazing smile. I couldn't resist his eyes.

"Fine, but just for a little while!" I said crawling back into bed and back under the covers with Justin. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and hugged me tighter to him, I closed my eyes and relaxed as Justin kissed my necked. I couldn't help it when a moan escaped my lips as he kissed my neck. Damn it felt good, so good. I felt a smile press into my neck as Justin continued kissing, sucking, and licking my neck. He moved stray hair from back and kissed my neck and buried his neck into my hair and kept kissing my neck.

"I love you soo much and we're gonna tell them todat that you're coming on tour with me. Okay?" he asked still kissing my neck and moving down to my back moving the straps of my cami out of the way. I nodded and closed my eyes and rested as Justin kissed the back of my neck.


Justin P.O.V

I woke up to here voices outside of my door Naomi had already gone and I was just alone in my warm bed. I only picked up peices of yhe conversation.

"We have something............ tell........now?........Ok..........lemme just.......... him up............ we will..........out when..........dressing!!!" I assuming Naomi said.


"Okay......sounds......great!" my mom said as the door open and Naomi walked in i fell back into the covers pretending to be asleep.

"I know you're awake Justin." She said in her sweet voice crawling onto the bed i refused to wake up," Awww man, I was hoping we could maybe take a shower together!!" She said sitting on the bed. I jumped and sat next to her.

"I'm up!" I said smiling. I would give anything to see Naomi but naked. She laughed histerically as I knew she was jokking. I rolled my eyes and turned on the shower. As I stepped in I let the water splash my face. Sfter about 10 minutes, i stepped out of the shower and put on a black shirt, dark blue jeans, and gold supras. I walked to the mirror to fix my quiff. After doing that, I walked into my room to find Naomi making up the bed.

"Hey beautiful what ya doin?" I asked walking up to her and hugging her from the back kissing her neck. She had on: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=70975915. She looked super fine. I helped her make up the bed and she grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs. When I got down there, everyone was there, Scooter, my mom Ryan and Chaz.

"Hey.... everyone" Naomi and I said. They all nodded and waved. I sat down and Naomi sat down next to me.

"So. ypu have something to tell us?" my mom asked.

"Well, I asked Naomi if she could come on tour with me. Is.. that alright?" I asked looking up to the suprisinf smiling faces.

"Well YEAH!!!!" they all basically said at different times. I smiled and Naomi smiled just as big as she pulled out her phone and texted.

"Well?" I asked as we all looked at her. She bit her lip and looked at everyone, then at me.

"Well, HE SAID YES AND HES SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!" She said jumping up and down. A huge wave of relif washed over me as I hugged her. I pulled back and kissed automatically putting my toungue in her mouth.

"Eww! Get a room!!!" Ryan said throwing a pillow at us. That didn't break us apart. I waved my hand during the kiss letting them know to go away. They all left and it was judt me and Naomi. I continued to kiss her barely stopping for breath. Naomi let a moan escape into the kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck. We walked pushing things out of the way and finally stopping to push up against the walls. I moved from her lips to her neck gently pining her by the wrist to the wall. I kissed and sucked on her neck. About an hour of kissing and making out, we watched a  movie and fell asleep together. I love you Naomi Renee' Hart. I really do.


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Next Chapter: A week until......

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