His Eyes

16 year old Naomi Hart absolutly HATES Justin Bieber. (shocking right?!) When she was young, her mom died of Breast Cancer.Having moved to Los Angeles, Californa, Naomi and her siblings have hopes to start a new life! Will they? My first story! :)


4. School

Naomi P.O.V

*Bell rings*

Brriiinnggg! Brriiinnggg! The bell rang as student huslted throught the halls to get to lunch. Lunch was the worst part of the day for me. I think its the worst part because  I'm getting bullied there all the time. I brace myself as I walk nto the cafeteria. As soon as i walked in, they started.

"Hey! Everybody look its that stupid girl Nema!" The whole cafeteria burst into laughter and they started pointing and laughing. My eyes met the floor as I walked to the lunch line to get my food.

"My name is Naomi!" I say back. This sets them off. Pheobe, the queen bee, walks over with her wannabees Mandi and Kyra.

"What did you say to me trick?!" She asked raising her perfectly arched eyebrows.

"I said my name is Naomi!" i replied looking away. I grabbed a chiken sandwich and a water and walked away.

"Ey Yo Trick! I'm talking to you!" She said again. i put my lunch in my backpack and put away the tray. I walk over to her and stand right in front of her. All eys are on us.

"MY NAME IS NAOMI SLUT!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled I yelled in her face. She didn't like it. She raised her hand and almost hit me but I grabbed it and slammed it down at her side. This made her body bend like a gummy worm. She tried again but i grabbed it again and this time the other hand too and pushed her into the nearest table. Then I grabbed her hair and slammed her to the ground.

"MY NAME IS NAOMI HART!!! GET IT RIGHT OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!!!! WHAT YOU GONNA DO NOW "TRICK"!!??" I yelled, grabbed my stuff, and walked away toward the bathroom. When i got there I locked my self in a stall and threw up. I then cried. Sfter all og this, I reached in to my backpack, pulled out a razor and simply slid it into my arm in line formation. I did this about 15 times and then I wiped it off and put it back. I bought a razor to school for these exact moments. I then winced as i wrapped up my arm in an Ace bandage. I bought those too for the same reason. I sighed cleaned myself up and walked out of the bathrrom door. Like nothing happened. Like I was normal.

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