His Eyes

16 year old Naomi Hart absolutly HATES Justin Bieber. (shocking right?!) When she was young, her mom died of Breast Cancer.Having moved to Los Angeles, Californa, Naomi and her siblings have hopes to start a new life! Will they? My first story! :)


9. Meetings

Justin P.O.V
I woke up after a long day. After having breakfast with Naomi. We just hung out and I went home and dropped her off at home. I couldn't belibe it (no 'belibe' is NOT  a typo :D) I was dating the hottest girl after Selena. I sat up and put my hands behind my head and just thought about her. She was amazing and I loved her smile! I finally got out of bed and decided to get ready and go get Naomi. So he could meet my parents and Scooter. I got up and took a shower and grabbed my keys to go outside. Once outside, I got into the car and went to go pick up Naomi.

Naomi P. O. V
My alarm clock went off and I threw it half-way across the room. I slowly got up out of bed and groggily rubbed my eyes. I got into the shower and just as I did, the doorbell rang. I told them to give me 3 minutes and I hoped in the shower and got right back out. I threw the towel over me and ran downstairs to see who it was. I opened the door.
"Hey Beautiful!" Justin said as he looked me up and down.
"You even look hot in a towel!" I smiled.
"Come on in. You can watch T.V or something!!" She said smiling and pointing towards the T. V.

*At Justin's House*

I laughed as Pattie showed me a video of Justin win he was a baby. Justin turned beet red
"Heyy!!! Mooooooom!!!! He said jumping in front of the tv trying to block it. I laughed even more. Pattie seems to get nicer and nicer. She is soo nice and just fun to be around. Same with Scooter. He is very funny but, protective of Justin. He always keeps his eye out for him. Pattie and Scooter have really excepted me into their family. I really enjoyed them. As I sat next to Justin and ate my hamburgers we really talked my dad, Natalia, and Jacob were there so it was a family event. I smiled as I thought this. Justin looked over at me and smiled
"Why are you smiling?" He asked.
"Because I love this family meeting!" I replied smiling back at him, "Why are you smiling?"
"Because..... You look amazing and I really enjoy having you around in my life!" I smiled and at this, we all ate and chatted and acted as a family.

A/N: Heyy sorry for typos I am typing this on my iPod :)
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