His Eyes

16 year old Naomi Hart absolutly HATES Justin Bieber. (shocking right?!) When she was young, her mom died of Breast Cancer.Having moved to Los Angeles, Californa, Naomi and her siblings have hopes to start a new life! Will they? My first story! :)


7. Hanging out with Justin

Justin P.O.V

Naomi and I were now sitting in my car and talking. She even looked good in the dark!

"Soo where are we going?" she asked as I drove out of the parking lot. I looked at her and smiled.

"Oh just to Ruby Tuesdays!" i said nochalantly while keeping my eyes on the road. I adjusted my rearview mirror. Then the song "Diamonds" Rhianna came on and she automatically turned it up. She started singing.

"Shine bright like a diamond! Find light in the beautiful sea, I chose to be happy. You and I, You and I. We're like diamonds in the sky. You're a shooting star I see, a vison of ecsacy!" she sung.

"When you hold me I'm alive, we're like diaminds in the sky!" I finished. She smiled then continued.

"At first sight i felt the energy of sun rays, I saw the life inside you're eyes!! So shine bright, tonight, you and I. We're beautiful like diaminds in the sky! Shine bright like a diamond!" she sung closing her eyes rocking her head. Her long black hair falling as she rocked. I smiled. When the song ened we were at Ruby Tuesdays. She was about to open the door, but I told her to le me. She unusally refused and opened it herself. She grabbed her purse before she could, I gently pulled her hand away from it. She looked at me.

"What?" she asked looking st me wondering why I stopped her from grabbbing her purse.

"Because, you won't need it with me." I smiled and chuckled.


Naomi's P.O.V

Justin was a HUGE flirt, but I kinda liked it. Having someone acually pay attention to me. I smiled and walked into Ruby Tuesdays. When we got to the counter, the lady was already shocked because she knew who it was.

"H.. Hi! H-how c-can i-i He-help yo-you?" she stutterd as she smiled brightly at Justin.

"Oh, just a table for two in the back with NO windows please?" he replied flashing that stunning smile again. My knees turned to jelly. He was really hot. Wait... WHAT?? Was I falling for him?? OH NOOO!! This can't be!! I--I can't date Justin Bieber!!!! Wait... CAN I?????!!!!?!?!!??!?!!?! I quickly placed my hand on my head because my head started to hurt because of all the crazy thoughts. Justin Bieber would NEVER and I mean NEVER fall for a girl like me!! Would he??? I felt better as Justin gently placed his hand on my lower back. Not to low not to high. Just perfect. Just lik him. Perfect.





*After Dinner*

Naomi P.O.V

"Wow that was a great dinner!" I said smiling as we left Ruby Tuesdays. We had talked until closing time and they politly kicked us out! We talked about everything and I mean EVERYTHING! (Even my shoe size-- 7--) I looked at my Iphone 4s (not to brag! Just using description!) I looked at the time. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. It was almost midnight. Man my dad was gonna kill me! I looked at Justin, he was happily driving.

"It's getting late and my dad gonna kill me if I don't get home before midnight!" I said looking over at Justin. He nodded and took the exit to my house. Since the ride was gonna be pretty long, I rested my head against the window and bedore long, I dozed off into a light slumberous sleep.


Justin P.O.V

I looked over at her and she was fast asleep. I chukled and turned down the music. After about 25 minutes, we pulled up at her house. i pulled into the driveway. I got out, opened Naomi's door, and picked up while closing the door with my foot. I lightly knocked on the door and rang th doorbell. i heard shuffling and someone turning on a light.

"Who is it?" A young voice answered.

"Justin Bieber." I replied. They never belive it until they opened the door.

"Liar! Go home kid!' the voice answered.

"I have Naomi!" I replied quickly. After this, I heard unlockung of locks and the brown door opened. The msall voice belonged to a young girl probably Naomi's sister. The girl gasped and jumped up and down squealing.

"DAAAAAADDDD!!!" she yelled keeping her eys glued on me. Naomi moved slightly in my arms. A man around the age of 35 walked up to the door. The girl was taking pictures of me. I was smiling as best as I could.

"Uhh, H-Hi Sir." I asked suddenly nervous.He waved and motioned for me to come in.

"I can't believe it!" the young girl said, "Its Justin Bieber!!" she giggled.

'I'm Natalia, Naomi's sister. I'm 13 and I LOVE you!" she said jumping up and down again.

"Well don't jut stand there with her! Bring her upstairs to her room!" Naomi's dad said. I nodded and he lead me to her room. I gently placed her under the covers and tucked her in. I kissed her head and whispered "Goodnight Beautiful".

"Thank you Mr. Hart!' i said shaking his hand. He pulled me out of her room and said "If you plane on dating her, just letting you know DO NOT hurt my baby!" patting my back a little hard which made me cough.

"Uh,' I cleared my thorat, "Yes Sir Mr. Hart Sir!' I said. He looked at me sternly and chukled. His face relaxed and it put his hand to his head like he was saluting.

"At Ease soilder!" he said laughing, "I trust you with her. If you bviously brought her home and took her to dinner, than I think you've earned my respect. So take it easy Justin! I don'y bite!" he said smiling.

"Thank you Mr. Hart" I said walking back dwonstairs. I decided to make Natalia happy and I took pictures with her.

"Bye Natalia! Bye Mr. Hart! Bye... young boy!" i said to them and the young boy had just walked in. I then went back outside and drove home. Once at home I hopped into the shower and went to sleep. But before acually sleeping, I texted Naomi:

Me; Goodnight Beautiful, Sweet Dreams. See you later! xx! Then I turned off my lamp and dozed off into a deep comfortable sleep. Thinking about Naomi and all of her gorgousness. She is mine. I am hers. Forver and Always. <3



A/N: Sorry for the kinda long chapter but uhmmm, yeah so like, comment, favorite,and yeah! <3


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