His Eyes

16 year old Naomi Hart absolutly HATES Justin Bieber. (shocking right?!) When she was young, her mom died of Breast Cancer.Having moved to Los Angeles, Californa, Naomi and her siblings have hopes to start a new life! Will they? My first story! :)


25. Emancipated

Justin P.O.V

"NAOMI WAIT!" I yelled, I was at the airport at 5 in the morning yelling for the love of my life as she was about to get on the plane.

"NO!!" I yelled again running up to her. I took her into a long hug and a passionate kiss. Probably the best we ever had. I noticed her outfit and it was cute, so was her pillow. She hugged me more and when we pulled away, we kissed even more before I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me away from Naomi. I turned around and as soon as I did, I was punched in the face. The pain was unbearable and I couldn't take it at all.

"NO!!!" Naomi yelled as she came in between me and whoever had punched me. Naomi grabbed me by the chest so that I couldn't hit the person back. I realized the person was Naomi's father. What the hell? Wouldn't her like go to jail or something? Then I realized if I hit him, then I would get charged as an adult. Hell naw, I'm not leaving my baby. I turned and grabbed Naomi by the hand and walked down to baggage claim. We left her father and her brother and sister their at the airport to move. Naomi ran to th baggage claim to get her bags, She was crying silently as she held on to anything that was on me and I carried her bags. Once we reached the car, we hopped in and drove to my house.


*At My House*

"45,46,47,48,49,50!" I counted as i did push-ups. Naomi was under me and every time I went down, I kissed her. After about 10 mintues, I had kissed Naomi 100 times. We switched positions to where I was the one still doing push-ups, while Naomi layed on my back on her back. Everytime I went down she said I love you. So that was 100 I love you's and 100 kisses. As I finished the push-ups, I turned over with Naomi on my back, making her fall. I caught her and lift her up with my arms. I was doing bench presses with Naomi instead of a weight. Her hair tickled my bare chest as I lifted her up and down.

"What do you wanna do today Babe" I asked still pushing her up. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath she let it out and opened her eyes.

"I-I w-wanna get emancipated." She finally finished and I put her down. My eyebrows knitted together and I was really confused.

"What the hell is that? Its not constipation or something is it?" I asked putting her down. Her laugh echoed in the room as she snuggled up to me.

"No silly, its where I basically sue my parent and move out on my own. I have to get emancipated because I wanna be with you and if I'm with my dad, then I will move back to New York. Also if I don't go back before 24-hours, I will be filed as a missing person." She said looking up at me. Still confused.

"What did you just say?" I asked frowning again. She laughed again and sighed.

"It basically means I can live on my own without my parent bothering me." Naomi replied.

"Why can't you just buy a house and live ther eon your own like I do?' I asked still a little confused.

"Because I don't have any money at all and I'm still a minor when you're not a minor anymore cause' you're 18. But you have a 5 year-old heart!" she said kissing me. I kissed back and rubbed her back.

"Cool." I said playing with her hair.


*At the courthouse*

Naomi P.O.V

I was at the courthouse for the emancipation and I was really nervous. We got an emergency court time so i can get it over with. As I told the judge why I wanted to be emancipated, I prayed that i could be emancipated.

"How will you keep yourself finacially stable?" Judge Carter asked rubbing the stubble on his chin. I quietly sighed and closed my eyes.

"I will stay wtih my boyfriend." I said motioning over to Justin.

"Who and why?" The judge asked. I was kinda shocked. He didn't know Justin Bieber? Doesn't he have kids or something?

"Justin Drew Bieber and because he is very very finacially stable due to his job as a singer/songwriter with Island Def Jam Studio!' I said smiling at the judge. Judge Carter's face sofented at the hear of "singer/songwriter".

"Very well then. Mr.Bieber's age? Is 18 as I have heard? Just making sure this is correct. He is 5'9 brown hair brownish-hazelsish eyes, 190 pounds, born in Stratford, Ontario,Canada, speaks fluenlt french an american, and curently living in Calabases, California, and owns a Fisher and a motercycle?" He asked flipping through the pages. I turned to look at Justin who nodded.

"Yes sir." I confirmed. The judge nodded and smiled and then turned to my dad who currently stood up. The judge looked between me and my dad.

"Oh! One more thing to add" Justin said standing up, "Mr. Hart punched me in the face earlier this morning at the airport." The judge raised his eyebrows and continued.

"Justin, do you love Naomi?"

"Yes sir. With all of my heart. She's been there for me along the way and my heart beats faster everytime I see her smile and her face. She's my world." He finished. I mouthed an I love you to Justin and turned around.

"Very well then, I needent hear no more. Naomi.... I hearby declare you emancipated and no longer in the control of Andrew Hart and is now in the hands of yourself! Congratulations and my deepest condolences Mr. Hart. Case dismissed!" The judge said standing up and walking to his office. I slowly walked over to ym dad and gave him a hug. I also gave Natalia and Jacob a hug as well.

"I'll come visit okay? Don't worry!" I said giving my siblings a kiss. I waved once last good-bye before running into Justin's open arms.

"We did it!" I said kissing him.

"No no no. You did it!" He said kissing me. I smiled even bigger. I was free to do what I want. Best of all, i was free to be with Justin. As we entwined our hands, we walked out of the courthouse and into the vast world of moving bodies. I was finally free. The burden gone. Forever <3






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