My one true love. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry was always popular, he got whatever girl he wanted, was friends with whoever he wanted. One girl he always saw from around school is the one person he couldn't be friends with because she avoided the popular's as much as POSSIBLE. She was shy, but she later gave Harry a chance, over time she fell head over heals for him, told him & he completely friendzoned her. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk to him no matter how madly in love she was with him.
Then he became famous, what happens next?
Find out!


5. The garden


The movie was now over. 

Harry & I sat there for a few moments after unaware of what to do. He then got up from his seat & waved his hand for me to follow him. "You liked it?" He asked as we walked out of the theater. I nodded because no matter what I'll always love those movies. 

When we were completely out of the theater Harry started for the door that was labeled 'The Secret Garden' & I felt my cheeks heat up. 

He then unlocked the door with a key & said- "Close your eyes." With a gentle tone as I did as told. He took my hand in his & pulled me with him. 

He had a firm grip on my hand but finally let go after a few steps. "Open your eye's." He whispered in my ear, I was honestly a little bit nervous to open them but I did. 

The first thing I laid my eyes on was a vintage looking swing for 2 people hanging from  a somewhat large willow tree. I let my eye's explore the rest of the place that showed probably 30 different kinds of flowers & plants with a tall ceiling so the willow tree would fit as well as some cheery blossom trees. The ceiling was also basically a large sun roof lighting up the room with sunlight. 

Harry smiled at my reaction of the beauty of this place. "I come here to get away from everything." He stated. 

I smiled back at him begging to walk around the green grass. Harry kicked off his converse & put set his jacket on the ground to follow me. I guess I didn't need my shoes or sweater either so I took them off & continued exploring, I noticed Harry trail off in the direction of a blossom tree & then started climbing it.

He waved his hand for me to follow him & I did, once I reached the tree he held out his hand for me to take so he could pull me up. I hopped up on the branch next to him admiring the view. "This place is beautiful." I said scanning everything. He nodded & started to speak- "Honestly, every time I came here, I thought of you..." 

I almost fell out of the tree when he said that, I couldn't believe it. I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling like a idiot.

*Harry's POV*

I could see her cheeks go pink & her biting her lip, She looked so adorable. you could see the sparkle in her light hazel eyes that went perfectly with her dark red hair. I admired her beauty. She's a woman now. She's all grown up.

I couldn't help to wonder if she ever thought about me over the years like the way I thought about her. I wonder how she's really been, how she managed to cope with all of the high school stuff she went through because of me, I wanted to ask, but am afraid if she would be offended or not, I'll have to find out sooner or later...

"So, how'v you been?" I asked as I felt the tension in the air. 

She looked down at the ground, she obviously knew what I was talking about. "I've gotten better." She stated blankly. "Want to talk about it?" I asked pushing myself closer to her. "You don't mind?"-"Not at all, I'm not like how I used to be, I promise." I told her & she sighed. 

"Well, after you left for Xfactor I slowly started getting depression & slightly suicidal. I had my older brother who was always there for me to make me feel better about things as well as my mom. They basically kept me alive until I was out of high school where I was able to come here & get a job, start a new life & I've felt better ever since I moved." 

She said, her words cut like knifes to me. It hurt to hear that. Knowing I caused her to have that kind of pain made me feel extremely angry with myself. How lucky am I for her to be back in my life? For her to push that all away to spend time with me.

I sighed. I'm living this fantastic life & she's getting over pain that caused her to not want to live. I shut my eyes tight & bit my lip preventing myself from screaming & letting out all of my anger that was held towards myself. I opened my eyes, afraid to look at her wondering what her facial expression would be like. 

I kept my gaze on the ground we sat above from for a few moments, her probably waiting for an acceptable response. I needed to say something. 

"Because of what I did, I lost my only real friend. I know you could never forgive me for that & I understand but I don't know what I was thinking at that time, you just need to know that I've never been more sorry & upset with myself in my whole life.." I managed to choke out. No words could fix her.

*Laura's POV*

I didn't want to hear a 'sorry' I just wanted to know he really cared, I could tell by the sadness & anger in his tone that he meant it though. I wouldn't be weak & forgive him right there. He looked up at me with pleading eyes, I didn't know how to react. 

I just nodded, I appreciated it. So I just said "Thank you."

We sat there silently for a few moments as I wondered what was going on through his head, what he was thinking about. "You don't mind the silence?" He asked quietly, I didn't mind it at all, I loved it. We just sat there enjoying each others company, It was really peaceful. I just smiled & shook my head letting my hair fall from behind my ear. 

I hope he didn't either because I was really enjoying this moment. I forgot about those bad memories, only the good times of Harry & I spending time with each other which made me smile. "What's on your mind?" He asked breaking the silence. Unaware if I should tell him or not about the fact that I was thinking about him & I, how I was madly in love with him. 

"A lot.." I huffed out. "How about you?" I asked back. "I miss how close we were." He said right away. I raised my eyebrows at his response. "Sorry, is that weird?" He asked, I should my head & smiled.-"Not at all."

"You really weren't kidding when you told me...How you felt..." He said, his voice getting lower & quieter.. Did he really just said that? "What are you talking about?" I said awkwardly. "I mean, usually girls didn't like me back in high school, they just liked the fact that I was good looking & was 'there type' but never had any real feelings about me... Like you did." He said coughing. 

I didn't know what to say. No one ever really gave Harry the real chance to be himself around them like I did, I liked the real him instead of the 'popular' Harry. "I don't lie." I sighed as a big smile was planted on his face. 

I'm 18 now. I'm away from all of this high school bullshit. I'm going to be mature but I'm not going to be weak about my feelings. "I'm glad." He replied pushing himself closer to me on the branch & gently taking my hand in his. I rested my head on his shoulder & closed my eyes. 

                                                       I missed you so much 

I felt so amazing in this moment, I had to keep myself from smiling like an idiot.. I had him back, we're both new & improved people are clearly ready to spend time together. 

*Harry's POV*

I never knew how beautiful she really was until now. We looked so perfect together. So perfect. The way her hand fits against mine & how her head rested on my shoulder, how did I not realize this before? I could feel the butterflies on my stomach going mad. I turned my head & kissed the top of hers. This moment was so perfect.

I let go of her hand & put my arms around her body. She looked up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes that made me melt & I swear my heart dropped. I couldn't help myself anymore, I couldn't. 

I leaned down & lightly brushed my lips on hers. My eyes remained shut & my insides were screaming with happiness. She kissed me back. After everything, she kissed me back. After a few seconds the kiss got more intense & passionate, I could feel the love she gave me through the kiss as much as I tried to give back. The feeling was insane. We pulled away so we could actually breath but we didn't each others gaze. 

All of a sudden... BAM.

We hit the ground, which wasn't that bad cause it was grass. We looked at each other & she started laughing causing me to laugh! It was pretty funny, we just both lay on the ground as the pink peddles from the tree fell over us making the moment beautiful like her. I looked over at her & admired her. She had such a beautiful smile that I could tell wasn't fake like how it used to be. It lit me up. I sat up & hugged my knees to my chest as she laid one the ground. I looked down at her who was smiling at me.

"I've missed you so much." She said lightly. It made me smile... I did too. I missed her so much it was crazy. I pulled her up so we were both on our feet & our faces nearly touching. I put my hands on her waist about to lean in when-"OH SOMEONES GETTIN' IT IN TONIGHT!" Someone yelled causing Laura to jump away from me. I turned my head in anger towards the door where I saw Niall & Louis laughing extremely hard. "OUT!" I yelled pointing out the door as they continued laughing. Laura was looking awkwardly at the ground biting her lip. 

"Sorry.." I coughed. She just laughed lightly & stepped closer to me. "That was...Niall & Louis?" She asked. I nodded. "How'd you know?" I replied-"You're names are everywhere." She giggled. "Right.." I replied unaware of what to say. It's so strange to see my name everywhere. I'll never get used to it. "Want to meet them?" I asked hopefully. She nodded & smiled. 

I took her hand & walked towards the door.

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