My one true love. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry was always popular, he got whatever girl he wanted, was friends with whoever he wanted. One girl he always saw from around school is the one person he couldn't be friends with because she avoided the popular's as much as POSSIBLE. She was shy, but she later gave Harry a chance, over time she fell head over heals for him, told him & he completely friendzoned her. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk to him no matter how madly in love she was with him.
Then he became famous, what happens next?
Find out!


2. Mind is blown....

I was now back at my flat after work curled up in a ball in a huge sweater sitting on my couch in front of my fireplace, rethinking everything clouding up my mind. All of those memories, good & bad with Harry. I smiled at the good ones but was almost in tears thinking about the bad ones.

As I walked down the old hallways of my school alone, people would give me dirty looks & laugh at me because of HIM. The rumors spread fast of how I confessed my love to him. He was so embarrassed he couldn't even talk to me. I couldn't sit in the cafeteria because of him, I would go to the music room or cry on the bathroom, I had no friends. I had almost lost hope until I was finally out of that hell hole. 

The tears welled up in my eyes at the thoughts. I had to go through a lot to fix up the broken scars the bullies left me. But no, I wouldn't cry, I wasted enough of tears because of Harry. 

I sat in front of the fire for a long time & eventually I just fell asleep on the large chair. 

*Harry's POV*

"I don't believe you." I argued back at Zayn. "Mate, I'm not kidding you, it was her. She works a few blocks away! She gave me her number & everything!" He snapped.

I couldn't believe this, had he really found her? Even if he really did, what if I were to see her again, what would I say? 'Sorry I made high school a living hell' ? I messed up bad with her, I had a REAL friend & I lost her, my mistake for telling my so called 'friend' about her confessing her love to me. I would see her in the halls looking down as people mocked her, making her cry.

"She gave you her number?" I repeated as Zayn nodded. "Text her, tell her to meet up with you at a cafe or something, don't mention me, she doesn't want anything to do with me." He nodded & started texting, I went to my room & collapsed onto my bed. 

*Laura's POV*

The sound of my phone constantly buzzing woke me up from my uncomfortable position on my chair in front of the light coals burning. I rubbed my eyes, reached over & grabbed my phone.

*Unknown number*

'It's Zaaayyn! Text me back sooon:)' it read.

I groaned & sat up to get ready for the day. 

I dragged myself up to have a shower, followed by putting on mascara & eyeliner. I mopped around my messy room with my damp thick, straight, dark red hair. 

I pulled out black underwear & bra, slipped them on & was now searching for clothes. I rummaged through my closet & found a very dark green-ish v-neck & put that on with some black leggings, I found one of my old & large dark (almost black) blue sweaters & pulled it over me. 

I walked back to my phone to answer Zayn, still finding all of this hard to believe. I still don't think I can forgive Harry for what he did. If I do ever speak to him again, I'm going to show him what he's missing.I'll be civil with him but I won't be his best friend. As if he would want to be anyways...

I took a deep breath still reassuring myself, picked up my phone & started texting.

'hey, what's up?' I sent, don't really know what else to say.... This is all so strange.

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