My one true love. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry was always popular, he got whatever girl he wanted, was friends with whoever he wanted. One girl he always saw from around school is the one person he couldn't be friends with because she avoided the popular's as much as POSSIBLE. She was shy, but she later gave Harry a chance, over time she fell head over heals for him, told him & he completely friendzoned her. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk to him no matter how madly in love she was with him.
Then he became famous, what happens next?
Find out!


3. Meeting up


Not long after I texted Zayn back he replied.

"Wondering if you wanted to get together later?" It read. He didn't seem all that bad... But still not sure if I can trust him enough to hang out with him. I mean... Hanging out with Zayn Malik is kind of a huge deal, he's incredibly hot, can sing & is one of the most famous people on the planet right now. I felt nervous, really nervous. 

'yeah sure.. when/where?' I replied making toast, again he texted me back right away. 

'Come by my place, we can agree on something there!' he replied. His place? ... Not sure if that's quite in my comfort zone but, hey, give him a chance why not?


He gave me directions to his flat & told me to be there at 3 in the afternoon. 

I lounged around the house passing the time playing my guitar. Thoughts about Harry ran through my mind. 

I'm hanging out with one of his best friends, would he be mad? Would he be embarrassed by me? Questions haunted me until it was finally time for me to go see Zayn unaware of what we would be doing or where we would be going.


I walked down the damp grey streets of London on my way to Zayn's place feeling more & more nervous by each step I took. I tried to calm myself down & set my mind straight. 

As I walked up towards his place I briefly saw him in the window then quickly flicked the curtains back & was gone in seconds.

*Harry's POV*

"Harry! She's here!" Zayn cooed. My heart started beating really fast. When she see's me she'll want to leave, as if she would want to see me as much as I wanted to see her.  I wanted to fix everything with her. I'm not going to lie, I had a crush on her in high school because I saw past the loser people thought she was. I knew she was something special, but my ego got in the way. I wanted to stay popular.

Yeah it was a dick move but I was young & stupid, I'm 18 now, I've learned a lot since. Telling the boys about her & them giving me advice really helped me become the person I am today.

Now she's found her way back into my life, I can't mess this up.

*Laura's POV*

I was about to knock on the door when it swung open & saw a very cheerful looking Zayn. 

"Come on in! Let's figure out where we're going to go!" He said gesturing me to come inside. I walked inside in awe at what I was seeing, the place was beautiful. I looked around mesmerized by the place, it was like 10 times better than mine.

I turned my head & saw someone quickly walk into what looked to be his living room & I got nervous. I didn't see who it was though... Zayn started walking in the direction of the room where I saw that stranger walk into & my heart started beating fast. 

I slipped off my black converse & followed Zayn into the large beautiful room, as I admired it I hadn't realized that there was a person sitting on the couch near the far end of the room, I looked down from the lights up above & looked at the person sitting on the couch.

*Harry's POV*

She looked me dead in the eyes with a blank expression on her face. I stood up as she watched my every move. I noticed right then she tried to back out of the room but was stopped by Zayn who stood behind her. 

I could tell how uncomfortable she felt & it made me nervous. I wish things could be better.

time is what it takes I guess...


*Laura's POV*

I started feeling sick as I looked at him. I got mixed emotions. Happy & in love, then depressed & hate. I didn't know what to do, Zayn stopped me from backing out, I felt trapped. It was almost like one of those set ups that his ex-girlfriends would do to me just to call me pathetic & a loser.

"You alright?" I heard Zayn ask blankly & not as enthused as before. I looked away from Harry & at the ground unaware of how to respond, no I wasn't alright. I wasn't going to tell him though, that would make it worse. "I-I uh.." I looked up from the floor back to Harry's eyes, the ones I fell in love with.

I could see the darkness & pity he had in his eyes & it made me sick. He took a step forward & I froze. 

His piercing green eyes made my heart melt. The ones I loved & hated at the same time took me back in time, feeling like a 15 years old girl. I'm 18 now, but I felt like a kid again. 

"I'll leave you alone..." Zayn said walking out of the room, closing the door followed by the click of the lock. I was locked in a room with Harry, I almost cried right there. I then sat down on the black leather couch in silence. 

"So, how are you?" Harry said, slowly & quietly. I looked up at him as he started to sit across from me on the foot stool. I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know what to say." I managed to say. "I don't expect you to." He replied looking at the ground with sadness in his voice. 

"Was this another one of your setups to make me look stupid?" I said then regretting it right away. I couldn't believe I just said that. He looked me dead in the eyes looking extremely shocked. 

"I was so stupid..." He cursed shaking his head & looking away. "Well then what is all this?" I asked. I wanted answers. 

"I missed you." He whispered slowly after a long pause. The first thing that clicked into my mind was, how did he miss me? Did he miss seeing me upset? 

"What are you talking about? I want answers." I hissed. I'm going to let him overrule me like he used to. No, not anymore. 

"Answers? Where do I start. Zayn told me he found you, I didn't believe him, It's a miracle that he did. When I said I missed you, I meant it. I know... I know even though I don't deserve your trust or friendship back, I just... Really wanted to start over." He said standing up then slowly pacing around the room. 

I was dead speechless. He turned around & looked back at me waiting for an answer. I could tell he meant it, even though i hadn't seen him in a couple years I knew him well from the time we spent together. 

*Harry's POV*

Maybe I said to much... I was just yearning for an answer. "Please say something..." I pleaded. "I don't know how to respond to that." - "Y-you don't have to, I don't expect you to, I was horrible to you. I don't expect to get you back into my life, I just wish you knew how sorry I truly am, for everything I caused." I said sounding as desperate as possible for her back. 

"I know, we were stupid kids." She said back. 

She was so gorgeous. She's changed so much since high school it's hard to believe. "Start over?" I said leaning down & putting out my hand for her to hopefully to shake back. She took a deep breath, put her hand close to mind but pulled away... "I don't know..." She started -"Please, let me show you I can be a real friend to you." I pleaded as she then slowly placed her hand on mine & shook it with a dim smile on her face. 

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