My one true love. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry was always popular, he got whatever girl he wanted, was friends with whoever he wanted. One girl he always saw from around school is the one person he couldn't be friends with because she avoided the popular's as much as POSSIBLE. She was shy, but she later gave Harry a chance, over time she fell head over heals for him, told him & he completely friendzoned her. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk to him no matter how madly in love she was with him.
Then he became famous, what happens next?
Find out!


4. Let's do something

"So, you want to go somewhere? Catch up on things?" I asked hoping for a yes.

*Laura's POV*

I really did. I really did want to hang out with him, forget about everything, but it's obviously debatable. I sighed & shrugged my shoulders as he waited patiently. I nodded my head wondering if that was smart or not... My problem is I'm to easy going I guess...

A bright smile came across his face, which made me feel warm inside. No I'm not going to deny my feelings.

                                I tell 'em when you find true love it lives on


But if I were to go with him, I wouldn't want to do much talking, what is there much to talk about other than what we've been doing for the past few years? I already know what he's been doing... Why would he care about what I've been doing? He's never shown any interest.  

"How about a movie?" He asked, questionably. "Wouldn't there be a ton of people trying to get your attention?" I added. I didn't really want to go anywhere PRIVATE with him cause... Awkward much? Yeah... He nodded his head agreeing with my statement. 

"Well, I know a place where we wont get mobbed..." He started... "Where?" I questioned getting my nerves back again. "It's actually a private place me & the rest of my band mate's go so I can't exactly tell you where it is..." He hesitated. 

"Do you trust me?" He said with a shaky voice. I wanted to say yes. I did. But I hate that he has always made the decisions.

"I remember that you love romance movies, like me.." He said out of no where. Wait what? "Y-you actually remember that?" I stuttered, how could he possibly remember that? He nodded & smiled at me seeming pretty proud of himself. 

"Now do you trust me?" He asked once again. I finally had to succumb to it & nodded. "Let's go." He said  standing up. He held out his hand for me but I stood up on my own, but regretting it after...

We walked out of his flat & quickly into his Range Rover which was, huge. Avoiding camera's & gossip we got out off camera range quick & were on a quiet road, making our silent ride even more awkward. 

I sat there fidgeting my fingers. But after about 30 minutes of the radio playing good music & me nodding me head back & forth to the music we pulled up to a rather sketchy/abandoned looking building. We stepped out of the car, still in silence & walked towards the building, I hesitated my steps & Harry quickly noticed & smiled. "It's not even half as bad as it looks, it's okay." He reassured me & the pitiful feeling in me went away. 

We walked inside &..Harry was right, it wasn't bad, what so ever. 

It had dramatic, marble looking lobby with fancy...Everything. It looked like the lobby of a 5star hotel, beautiful. Harry didn't seem to impressed because no doubt he's used to it but I stared in awe. 

He tapped me on the shoulder & pointed toward a door that said 'screening room' & then pointed to another one that was labeled 'secret garden' which obviously wasn't secret. 

I remember. "I labeled that one." He said gesturing toward the garden. Right then I got a flashback. 

Harry & I were paired up once again for a language project, we had to read the book 'The Secret Garden' together & do a presentation on it, at the time he didn't seem to thrilled about it. That book is my favourite & I have read it over 10 times because to me it never get's old. 

Right then he leaned over right beside me & said- "Yeah, I remember." followed by a cheeky smile. I smiled to myself of how he knew what I was thinking right there. It was written all over my face.

"Let's go see what's on in the screening room." He said nudging me lightly sending sparks through me. It made me nervous. 

We went into the large room with a limited amount of chairs & sat down as the beginning of the movie started playing. The Notebook? Cheesy but simple. 

No words were spoken during the film except for a few sniffles & sobs. The awkwardness slowly drifted away & I felt a lot more comfortable now.

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