My one true love. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry was always popular, he got whatever girl he wanted, was friends with whoever he wanted. One girl he always saw from around school is the one person he couldn't be friends with because she avoided the popular's as much as POSSIBLE. She was shy, but she later gave Harry a chance, over time she fell head over heals for him, told him & he completely friendzoned her. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk to him no matter how madly in love she was with him.
Then he became famous, what happens next?
Find out!


10. Harry's place


*No one’s POV*



As the food arrived, they sat across from each other on tall stools letting their feet dangle. The table was small, having their plates almost touching.

They ate in silence.  As for many people it may be awkward eating in front of each other, but for them it wasn’t. They accepted the flaws & pushed them aside. The odd time they would catch each other staring at one another, look away & blush madly.

Harry bit his lip to keep from chuckling at how she used her chopsticks. She looked up & noticed the smirk on his face, knowing why. “Hey, you’re no master with chopsticks either, Curly!” She laughed.

“That a challenge?” He said pointing the chopsticks at her accidentally flinging a piece of rice at her.  As it hit her face her jaw dropped in disbelief. He covered his mouth with his hand. She lifted her chopsticks about throw back but he was quick on his feet, grabbed her wrist pulling her off the stool & held her so she wouldn’t move. “Harry let go of me!” She snapped playfully.

“No, I’m sorry it was an accident!” He said as she struggled. “That was mean!” She said trying to pull away with a sad tone. “I didn’t mean to…” He said resting his head on hers.  He slowly let go of her as she looked up at him with pleading eyes.

They walked to freezer & got themselves both a bowl of ice cream. They sat down once again in silence.

She sat with her legs crossed & hid her left hand in her sleeve feeling the chill from the ice cream. She kept replaying the scene where he saw her scars in her head. Feeling slightly insecure. She looked up, catching his gaze. She clenched her sleeve with her hand & brought it up to her face, leaning on it.

Once they finished Harry had noticed her hiding herself with her sleeve. He grabbed her clean bowl & his & put them in the sink.  He turned up the radio & walked over to her.

She was shocked as he snatched her hand that was hidden in her sleeve.  He pulled her off of the stool & hugged her close rocking side to side to the music that was playing. She rested her hands on his chest & closed her eyes.

She felt like a 15 year old girl again. The way her heart raced & the way the butterflies in her stomach flew madly. Her cheeks were a light shade of pink.



                                                         It was more than a crush, they call it true love

She remembered then & there, how she always dreamed of slow dancing with Harry. The way they moved in sync to the slow unknown music & how she fit in his arms so perfectly made her go crazy. Is it possible to be like this after 3 years of heartache? She thought. She had always loved him, ever since he left for the X Factor. She didn’t like admitting it though.

He thought to himself how crazy this is, how amazing she is just to let him back into her life so quickly, To be able to push everything else aside.

He also thought… How lucky he was. To have a girl like her, to feel the way he felt about her, the way she drove him crazy. His heart too, raced, so fast he thought he was going to have a heart attack.

He held her tight against him & her heart fluttered. He slid his hands down her back so they were just above her butt & it startled her at first but remembered he always had a way with girls, he liked his hands on them.

He gently kissed the top of her head noticing that she was still shaky from the cold home. He let go of her but slid his hand to hers so they were intertwined. “What do you want to do?” He asked.

“I told you my flat isn’t very interesting…” She said sighing. “So let’s go to mine!” He suggested once again. “I don’t know..” She sighed shyly..

“It would be fun! There’s a lot to do there.” He said attempting to persuade her. “Like, over night?” She said. “If you like, that would be fine.” He said. She smiled & went to go get her things packed up.

*Harry’s POV*

I watched her go to her room & get her thing’s. I sat comfortably on the couch waiting. My heart raced. I hope the boys don’t ruin it, or say anything else. It was hard for me not to smile. I bit my lip & sat back as I waited.

She came out a few minutes later with her bag slung over her shoulder. I quickly stood up & opened the door for her to follow. We stepped outside, she locked her door & we headed out for my car.


As we arrived at my flat in my car I realized there were a few people around, which isn’t good. They can’t see me with her. Imagine the rumors they would make, it was bad enough with Taylor Swift.

I quickly got out of the car putting my hood over my head making sure no one would see me & went to the other side to let Laura out of the car. I pulled her out holding her hand & ran inside, luckily no one saw.

We kicked off our shoes & she still had that look of amazement on her face, of the flat I’m assuming. I realized the guys are still home & I should keep quiet. I took her hand & let her up to my room, which was clean, thank god. She set her bag down & admired my room. It was simple, like a hotel room almost. I walked over to my wardrobe & opened it revealing countless t-shirts & other clothes. I picked out a pair of sweatpants & started taking off my jeans. I looked up to see Laura covering her eyes. “Should have asked me to leave.” She said through her hands, I chuckled & shook my head. “You know it’s not that big of a deal.” I said, but I’m also just really confident.

She took her hands away from her eyes & her gaze met mine. My sweat pants were now on & I began to take off my shirt when she coughed awkwardly. “Maybe I should just wait downstairs…”’

“I usually sleep completely naked so consider yourself lucky.” I said followed by hearing a light laugh come from her. My shirt was now completely off & I noticed her looking at my torso but tried to keep her eyes away. “Aren’t you going to change?” I asked.

“Yeah, but not with you in the room.” She said smirking. “Fair enough.” I said leaving the room for her to change.

All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder & I got turned around. “Louis & Niall told me you found her!” Liam said excitedly.

I smiled at him & nodded my head. “Why aren’t you with her?” He snapped. “I am.” I replied.

He gave me a puzzled look waiting for a reply. “She’s in my room.” His jaw dropped. “While we’re all here?” He said. I nodded my head. “Well if Louis knows he’ll be on your case all night with her.” – “Then don’t tell them that she’s here.”


*Laura’s POV*

I had my spandex shorts & a big black t-shirts with my fuzzy socks & went out to try & find Harry. I heard talking. I turned the corner & bumped right into someone. “Oh sorry!” I said looking up at the person.

“Laura? I didn’t know you were coming over!” Zayn snapped. I smiled at him unaware of what to say. “Are you staying overnight?” He asked, I nodded in response. “That’s cool. Well I think Harry is in the kitchen. I’ll talk to you later!” He said as I nodded walking off. I continued trying to find my way around the large palace like ‘flat’.

I heard more whispering coming from another room unaware of who it was. I scurried past the door hoping that whoever was in there wouldn’t hear me.

I made my way to the kitchen as I looked in silently hoping to find just Harry. A sigh of relief was let out when I saw him sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen with his phone. I stood there waiting for him to realize I was actually there for a few seconds.

Once he saw me, his face lit up. His smile was killer, it made my heart melt. “Nice shorts.” He said standing up walking over to me.

Those words brought me back. In my last few years of high school without Harry the girls picked on me constantly. I was oddly skinny, not because of any kind of eating disorder but because I had a very high metabolism. The girls would constantly comment on my weight & height. They would say ‘nice shorts’ because they often showed off my skinny legs. We had to wear shorts in gym class, it was the rules. They wouldn’t even let you wear sweatpants, only shorts. Another reason as to why I was picked on.

Harry noticed the concern expression on my face-“You alright?” He asked. I nodded like always.

“Let’s go to my room, I have a flat screen in there with Netflix.” He suggested pulling me with him. 

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