True Love

Marie Bitszanni was a regular directioner. Went to school , had great friends , was popular , beautiful , smart. What will happen when she meets Harry Styles and the rest of the gang backstage ? Will she fall in love ? what happens when taylor pops into the picture ? Read more to find out !


6. rumors , rumors , rumors

Marie's Pov.


    It's been a week since I seen Harry. We've been keeping up by texting. I was back at school. There's been so many rumors by everyone. I mean even teachers been asking me about what i have with Harry. We are nothing but friends... As I walked to my locker i heard so many things. I got to my locker and started taking my books out. "ring ring" i pulled my iPhone out and saw i had a message from Harry. It said "hey beautiful<3 , i hope your having a good day" He was the sweetest thing ever. I could talk to Harry about anything. I wrote back "Hey hazza. thanks babe. eh its okay , still a lot of rumors.. but I'm fine." I slipped my phone into my pocket and headed to lunch. I sat at my regular table with my friends. "soooooo , anything new with Harry ?' My friend Chelsea asked me. "um nope." i replied. "when is he leaving ?" My best friend Hannah asked me. "he's leaving Friday.." I was so upset he was leaving. It was so much fun being with Harry. I had my phone set face down on the lunch table. "ring ring" I picked it up and saw it was Harry. "well i got a surprise for you. don't ask questions because I'm not telling you what it is." A surprise ? Oh my , i wonder what is it. Hmm maybe its a .. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Hannah poked me. "you seem deep in thought. whatchuuuu thinking about durrrr hoe ?' "oh nothing slut." It was a thing between me and Hannah. We always had nick names for each other. She's the lyrics to my music. She always made me happy. People think we're sisters. We look alike. I could trust her with anything. I replied to Harry. "fine. i won't ask. buuuuuuut.." "no buuuuuuut's Marie , you'll just have to wait and see. text you later love , be good in school." "i will. i will. bye hazzaaaaaaaa." Seventh period bell rang, which meant it was time for math. 


*after school*

     I went to my locker to pack up and put the things i didn't need away. I walked out into the school parking lot. I went to my car and saw a boy with a beanie and Ray Bands. I knew those curls anywhere. It was Harry. I dropped my bag and ran into his arms. "i missed you so much" I whispered in his ear. "i know love. i know. i missed you so much also." Harry replied back."where's your car ?"  I asked him. "i got dropped off here." "oh ok. well lets go before people notice you." 



*at Marie's house*

       "so whats the big surprise ?" i asked Harry "don't worry about that yet love." Before i could say anything Harry threw me over his shoulder and we walked into the living room. no one was home yet. "tonight is bound to be a good night." Harry whispered to himself. I acted like i didn't hear him. Im so excited. 

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