True Love

Marie Bitszanni was a regular directioner. Went to school , had great friends , was popular , beautiful , smart. What will happen when she meets Harry Styles and the rest of the gang backstage ? Will she fall in love ? what happens when taylor pops into the picture ? Read more to find out !


4. Pling ! How about a date ? :T

 Chapter 4 ~

Marie's POV ~

Later that day I was laying down I was so tired after the long enjoying day I had. Then I heard my phone ring *PLING*. I looked at the phone and it was Harry. I screamed with joy and checked the message. It said

hey beautiful

I smiled and said :


I was so happy I almost fell off my bed.

"Erm I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date tomorrow ? Around 2 ?" Harry replied.

"I would love too you guys did great tonight"

"thanks love"

"no problem , well I'm really tired Harry ill text you tomorrow , goodnight "

"goodnight love"

Harry was so sweet. I couldn't wait to spend the day with him tomorrow. I fell asleep with his beautiful smile playing in my mind.

*next morning*

Harry's POV ~

I woke up really early. I was really excited to see Marie. I grabbed my phone from my bed side table and texted her

To : Marie<3

Good morning sunshine !! xx ill pick you up around 1:30 then we could go to, Captain Hey for lunch. Sound good ? xx

I put my phone down and got in the shower.

Marie's POV ~ I woke up from an annoying buzzing sound. Urgh. I turned around and grabbed my phone. On the screen it read :

Harry ❤ - iMessage :

my face lit up as I unlocked my phone and wrote back -

good morning to you too xx !! Sounds perfect , see you then xx

- I got up grabbed my iHome plugged my phone in and pressed play.

"With you with you . I wish we had another time . I wish we had a different place ."

Stuck in the Moment started playing by Justin Bieber. Oh how I loved him.

"Now you don't wanna let go and I don't wanna let you know that there might be something real between us too"

I sang as I jumped in the shower. Today was going to be perfect.

{A/N heeey ! How was everyone's day ? Mine was good :D hope yours is too <3 anyways I'm gonna keep writing so keep reading (; - Ⓗⓐⓡⓡⓨ'ⓢ Ⓟⓡⓘⓝⓒⓔⓢⓢ}


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