True Love

Marie Bitszanni was a regular directioner. Went to school , had great friends , was popular , beautiful , smart. What will happen when she meets Harry Styles and the rest of the gang backstage ? Will she fall in love ? what happens when taylor pops into the picture ? Read more to find out !


2. More Than This <3


Chapter 2 -

Marie's POV ~

The boys came out for 'more than this'. As they were singing Harry's eyes met mine. It was amazing he started blushing and he wouldn't take his eyes of me for the whole song. I loved his emerald green eyes.

"When he open his arms  And holds you close tonight    It just won't feel right    Cause I can love you more than this, yeah    When he lays you down, I might just die inside    It just don't feel right    Cause I can love you more than this    Can love you more than this"

  oh my lawd .. that voice .. Harry gave me butterflies just looking at him and hearing his voice. He was perfect it was incredible.   

~ hidden ~   

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