True Love

Marie Bitszanni was a regular directioner. Went to school , had great friends , was popular , beautiful , smart. What will happen when she meets Harry Styles and the rest of the gang backstage ? Will she fall in love ? what happens when taylor pops into the picture ? Read more to find out !


1. concert


Chapter 1 ~

Marie's POV ~

I was at a One Direction concert with my friends.

I was having the time of my life.

They boys were amazing as always.

I was so excited and I had a really good feeling about tonight.

My stomach was filled with butterflies.

{A|N , hey guys ! this is my new fanfic and hopefully ill finish this one .. but it gets longer than this and better ! lots of drama so beware (; i have a lot of things planned out for this fanfic and I'm excited :D hope ya like this fanfic <3 like , favorite , comment <3 ill read your fanfics just ask and like my fanfic (; anyways I'm gonna get back to writing :D it gets longer so don't worry :T ~ hidden ~

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