Baby,I love your way(sequel to "Emblem3 fanfic")

It's been a year since the passing of hannah,since then chiara became a model and gia went to collage.What happens when chiara cheats and drew falls for gia will gia like him and will keaton for give chiara another chance.


3. Phone call

Gia's P.O.V.

"Hello"I anwsered my phone."Hey,it's drew"drew said,wow me and drew never talked since hannah died."Hey,what's up?"I laughed,"nothin,I need to ask you something"he said,crap!!"ok,what's up?"I said again,"me and keaton.."he saidwe were wondering if we can come visit"."Ya,of corous,maybe in a week or two"I said,"that's what we were thinking"he said."I have to go but I'll phone you tomorrow"I said,"ok,bye"he said"bye"I said.Hopefuly sean can meet him,sean's my boyfriend.

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