Baby,I love your way(sequel to "Emblem3 fanfic")

It's been a year since the passing of hannah,since then chiara became a model and gia went to collage.What happens when chiara cheats and drew falls for gia will gia like him and will keaton for give chiara another chance.


1. Hospital

1 Year Ago

Chiara's P.O.V.

Were only a half an hour away."Watch out"hannah screamed,"Ahh"me and gia screamed,there was a pepsi truck on the same lane."BOOM"the cars cashed.That's all I remember last.

*two Hours Later*

I was in a hospital bed,with my mom beside me"oh,sweetie are you ok"she said well giving "I fine just my arm kind of hurts.Is gia and hannah ok?"I said,mom gave me a sad look"what's wrong?"I said."Um..gia's fine but.."she said"Um..Hannah,um..she dead I so sorry""noooo"I cryed.My best friend died,I got up and tryed to find a phone booth,there was one by the cafeteria.I phoned keaton and told him to tell wes hannah had died.I could hear them all cry alot,after we were done talking I saw gia when I was walking by she was crying too.I went back and layed on the bed and a half an hour later I fell asleep.

Sorry this chapter was not long :(I forgot to add it to my other fanfic.



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