She's not afraid

Alana crowberry has been terrorised by her father all her life. With a new addition to her life its even harder. Will Alana break free of her revolting father?


3. who are you?

I woke up on aseat, weird. I looked around and saw five boys. they were gonna rape me. Why did god always do this to me ! I tried sounding confident when i spoke but it never worked. "L-leave us a-alone." I said patting next to me to wake up charlotte, she wasnt there. Where was she ? I looked around and saw a blonde boy putting her hair into pigtails. I stood up and snatched her back.Creep. "Hi im harry!" a rather handsome one said, he stood up to shake my hand but i just backed into a corner, how sweet kidnappers introducing themselves. He was gorgeous but i dont wanna be raped. Thanks. The blonde got up and put his hand on my shoulder, i couldnt help but flinch away. "Hey hey, its okay were not gonna hurt you" His irish accent was gorgeous. He bopped charlies nose and she broke out in giggles. I liked seeing her laugh, it made me feel good. He looked at me and smiled, and put her back on his lap and started fixing her pigtails with bobby pink hair ties. I wanted to take her back, but it looked like they were completely harmless. "Sorry.. I-its just, never mind" I was trying to apoligize but ya know its hard sometimes because i didnt want to blurt out everything. "Who are y-you g-g-guys?" the word guy gave me the creeps after my father. i glanced up at all of them, the curly gorgeous one spoke up. "Im harry" He said with a smile that gave me butterflies. " Niall, Louis, Liam and zayn. he said pointing to all of them. "Have you ever heard of one direction?" Zayn said I shook my head. "Must be some people girls fantasize over, Right?" I said with a slight smile. They all nodded a little too enthusiastically, "Trust me they do more than that." Liam said with a cheeky giggle. I fell asleep afetr that. Why was i so tired ?

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