She's not afraid

Alana crowberry has been terrorised by her father all her life. With a new addition to her life its even harder. Will Alana break free of her revolting father?


2. Teachers..

I woke up early, Charlotte was playing with some stuffed teddies in her portable cot. "Goodmorning charlie" I said flashing her a smile, she just looked up, smiled then continued playing. I could smell tea down stairs, dad only made tea when someone was over. I could hear a familiar voice downstairs, Mr.. Mr Dins! I was happy at first, that was before i heard what they were talking about. "She'll show you a good time" I heard footsteps. Shit. Those words spelled out rape. No it didnt. I wasnt gonna let anyone touch charlie or me! I quickly came up with a plan. Just then the door creaked open and Mr dins stood there with a spastic grin on his face. I always hated him, he seemed like a pervert. He took a step closer to me and shut the door. His spastic smile grew bigger. Just then i kicked him straight in the balls, he fell to the ground with a loud thud. Laughter arose from my drunk dad and his drunk friends. I grabbed the piece of wood i hid behind me and smacked him across the face with it. And with that his spastic smile was gone. I kicked him a couple of times to make sure he was unconcious. I called charlie over and she sat by me as i packed our bags. In my bag i put leggings,bras,undies,tanktops,singlets,shoes,and a couple of hoodies. In charlies bag i put baby suits, cardigans,booties,hats, and her little dollies and dummies. I grabbed charlotte and put her rain coat on (It was raining) and i hid her in my jacket i was wearing, and with that i jumped out the 2nd story window. Ouch ouch ouch! depsite the pain in my ankle i kept on running, i never looked back. After about an hour of running and annoying question from charlotte i stopped running, we were at a park. It was pretty dra, i looked at my watch wow it was 10:30pm. I sat under some trees and laid charlotte on my lap, she fell asleep instantly. I couldnt sleep it was to much of a risk. But soon enough i found myself drifting off.

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