She's not afraid

Alana crowberry has been terrorised by her father all her life. With a new addition to her life its even harder. Will Alana break free of her revolting father?


4. My story

Harrys POV

Man, was she gorgeous. She also had an adorable baby. Wait she looks to young to have a baby? Hmm. When we got to the house she was asleep so i carried her into the lounge. By how much she weighed she must be starving, she felt like a feather. So i made her some food, French fries,  Bacon, Eggs, Hash browns, and a few chicken wraps. I also made mashed Pears and Apples for Charlie, i gave them to niall and sat down to watch some tv. It had been half an hour so i went upstairs to find the boys. I found them in one of the spare rooms painting over the white walls with a bright blue paint. "What are you doing?" I asked a bit suspicious of their antics. Liam came up and whispered something in my ear. "Ohh okay. I can do that" I quickly ran downstairs to find the girl (I didnt know her name) I found her still on the couch but she was watching tv. 

Alanas POV.

Harry came down and sat next to me, i liked his company. "Hey, whats your name?" I giggled at his sweet but raspy voice. "My names alana." "pretty name for a pretty girl." Man he was cheesy, but i liked it. "Hey if you dont mind me asking, why were you sleeping at a park, and why are you so afraid of everyone?" He looked as if he had let his mouth go to far. He looked as if he was sorry for talking. "Its a long story." I said, i was afraid of the past.  He smiled again, "Well we've got alot of time." I sighed in defeat, how do i put this. He moved closer, and i flinched away AGAIN. why am i such a freak. "Sorry" I mumbled, man im spastic. He smiled as if saying; dont be. "Well when i was seven my mum past away of cancer. My dad would be d-drunk all the time. And uh h-he'd ." Tears flowed down my cheeks at the memories. Harry hugged me tighter as i nuzzled into his chest and blurted out again. " Well uh he'd hit me, and h-he'd r-rape me." Harry pulled my hair out of my face and just hugged me close. "But one day when i was 14 he came home happy, he made me juice, cupcakes, fairy cakes, and all kinds of sweets." I smiled at this but it faded as i continued " We were talking about our hopes and dreams, all that kinda stuff. I was talking about how i'd love to have a big family with my prince and i'd be his princess. He got a weird look on his face, as if to say no youre not. Then he did the uh the r-real thing. And i became pregnant with Charlotte. I hated it, i hated her at first. But i came to love her, so so much. i felt like a real mother when i looked at her. But i didnt like her eyes, Their green like my dads. I still havent gotten over that." Harry hugged me tight "You know what, My eyes are green. Maybe you could think of them like my eyes, not your dads." i smiled at this, he knew exactly what to say. "Hey alana?" He said brushing my hair with his fingers. "Yeah?"  He looked deep into my eyes. "Well do you think you'd like to be my girlfriend?" He stuttered alot. It was cute. I hugged him, and nuzzled into his chest. "I'd love to harry." 

Harry's POV.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me and put her face over my shoulder. As if she were 5. Alana's pov.

"No peeking" He said with his cheeky smile, with that i squeezed my eyes shut. 

Harry's POV.

What a goof ball  who says no peeking. As i opened the door to the room the boys had been painting her eyes opened, for a moment i thought they were gonna pop out. Her face lit up. "Ohmygoshharrythisissocoolhow'dyoudothis." her sentence came out in one big jumble of words, but i have to say her bedroom was pretty cool. The walls were bright blue, she had a four post bed with a purple duvet with darker purple vines creeping up it. she had a lavender silk material drapped around the four posts of the bed. On the far wall it was a big door that opened out onto a deck that over looked the beach, and above her computer desk/work area there was a big photo of Charlotte wearing an adorable tigger outfit, with cute little ears and everything.

Alana's POV 

 Man this is awesome! I had a wlak in closet, it was filled with beautiful dresses, shoes tops and everything! "Wait whats this door?" I looked at harry with my hand on the knob. He shrugged then smiled for me to open it. "aww harry! You didnt!" I walked into a baby pink painted room that had white snowflakes painted on the walls too.  It had CHARLOTTE spelled out with the little animals holding the letters. A baby yellow crib was up against the wall, a pink rug was spread out on the white carpet, it had dolls, teddies and allsorts sitting at a little white table having tea and cookies, she also had a toybox with more stuff, and a wardrobe filled with new baby suits and booties and other cute outfits. The cribs lullaby was sing a sweet song as fairies and teddies swayed around dangling from the crib. Also there was a shelf going around the room with snowglobes, teddies and a little glass angel holding a heat. I picked it up to inspect it. I read the gold incrusted words aloud " Harry's little angel charlotte, i love you." I turned around and hugged harry. "How'd you do all this! Its perfect harry!" I smiled and kissed his cheek. "well niall learnt about charlies favourite things, then him and Liam went shopping for all this. And Louis and zayn did your room. All i did was just keep you compaany and occupied." The rest of the boys came in and i hugged them and said thank  you. I just stared at harry and he stared at me too. "Well, alana will you move in with us?" Louis said "Of course!" I said still not breaking eye contact with harry. I kissed his cheek once more. I looked at my watch,8;00 past charlies bed time, so me and harry grabbed her and we each held one of her hands, we kissed her cheek and said good night and left her to sleep. After that Harry just laid next to me on my bed and i fell asleep in his arms.

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