She's not afraid

Alana crowberry has been terrorised by her father all her life. With a new addition to her life its even harder. Will Alana break free of her revolting father?


1. Home isnt sweet

I squeezed my eyes tight as i pulled the razor through my wrist. I winced with pain as warm blood trickled down my arm.It was all my fault. The one person keeping me here, the love of my life. Was gone. No its not a boy, someone much more important.My daughter Charlotte. When i was 14 i was raped, by my father. He kept me locked away with Charlotte  only using us when he wanted some action. But i trusted that now god would keep her safe. My father is revolting, he only made a child with because 1) He could rape her too. 2) Because i guess he likes torturing me. I would sacrifice myself, so that charlotte wouldnt be raped. I thought maybe if i did good he would forget about charlotte. She was only 1 and a half which made me seventeen. She died in my arms- not less than five minutes ago. I thought about cutting again when i looked at my wrist, and out of the corner of my eye i swore charlotte moved. I glanced back at her, and gave her a gentle shake. And she opened her eyes! I kissed and hugged a million times i was so happy, but i couldnt stand it that she had to still go through this pain and torture. I decided i had to get out of this hellhole. Both charlotte and me. I decided to sleep on it, Maybe i'd have a plan in the morning.

Authors note!

Hey guys sorry for a short chapter but i just want to end in suspense so you guys will want to read more. Its my first Fanfic ever so sorry if its bad. ill update the next chapter soon! xxxxx

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