Niall Horan; the famous pop band singer. The teenage heart throb. That's him. He's the one that makes the girls swoon and cry, especially when he gets kidnapped from Paris.

Why? Because he's famous. But don't count on him giving up. Maybe love can help him through this?


12. Shock


"Baby you light up my world like nobody else...." His voice was monotone with no energy as he sung. He didn't know why he bothered. He had been singing like this for the past three hours, and his voice was going hoarse. "The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed..." pretending to do the hair flip, Niall lost his balance and fell on the hard floor. He bumped his head on the corner of the table. "Oww!" A trail of swear words followed as he felt the spot with his right hand. There was already a nasty bump there.

Sighing, Niall got up and fumbled in the fridge to see if there was anything cold. There wasn't. The fridge wasn't even turned on, but there was no electricity so of course it wasn't. Anger built up inside of Niall. Anger at the fridge, anger at the kidnappers, anger at the bump on his head until all his anger overflowed. Shouting a non-stop stream of curses at the fridge, Niall started kicking and punching random things in sight, not noticing the blood on his knuckles or his sore feet. Why him? WHY?

Eventually, Niall used all of his energy. His knees buckled and gave away, and he slumped to the ground. A few tears escaped his eyes.

A knock on the door was what was needed to awaken him. Dragging himself to his feet, he went to see who it was. It was Bella. Niall's face had a goofy grin on it as he waited for Bella to unlock the door. The door swung open, and there was Bella. She smiled brightly when she saw him.

"Hey Nia- Oh my, what have you done to your hands?" Bella dropped the Happy Meal she was holding and grabbed his hands, inspecting his knuckles.

"My hands?" Said Niall, puzzled. Suddenly, he was aware of throbbing pain in his hands "Wait here!" Bella gasped running past him into the house. Niall's eyes followed her as she disappeared behind the stairs. She returned with a shiny, red box with a cross on it. A first-aid box.

"I keep this here... For stuff like that." Bella nodded towards Niall's hands, which were now being gazed at in horror by Niall himself. "Sit down." She ordered. Niall did as he was told. Bella knelt down next to him and started swabbing paste that stung on to his hands. Niall found himself staring at her face. Her jawline... The way it curved perfectly... Eventually she sat back and surveyed her work with satisfaction. "All done." She said. They both stood up. Bella went off to fetch the Happy Meal from the floor, but Niall caught her wrist and swung her against him.

"Wait." Niall said. She looked at Niall's face and Niall found himself staring into her perfect, mesmerising emerald eyes. He could feel her breath on his face, their two faces were centimetres apart. "Thank You..." He murmured and then leant forward and kissed her, soft and gently. She kissed him back, hesitantly at first but then with more passion. Her arms snaked around his neck. They broke apart, both with smiles on their faces.

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