Niall Horan; the famous pop band singer. The teenage heart throb. That's him. He's the one that makes the girls swoon and cry, especially when he gets kidnapped from Paris.

Why? Because he's famous. But don't count on him giving up. Maybe love can help him through this?


24. Hope goes on Holiday


Niall was lost.

Soon after setting out in a random direction, Niall started to feel cold. The very breeze that he had revelled in had turned against him, and made him shiver. He found himself wishing he had brought the rough scratchy blanket from the hovel with him. It would of been better than nothing. 

(Hey guys sorry if the next bit is a bit rough but I had it all written out until my brother switched off the computer at the wall and made me lose all my progress. Yeah.)

And after passing the same tree three times, he had given up hope and curled into a ball to try and preserve some body heat. A tear rolled down Niall's cheek and dripped onto his hand. He held it up and examined it. How could something so beautiful come out of so much sadness? It glimmered perfectly in the light, reflecting the colours of the forest.

The light.

What light? He thought there wasn't much moon today?

But there was light. Electric too. He could see it through the trees, fighting to be seen through the dense branches.

Desperate hope welled up inside Niall. He tottered to his feet. Unsteadily he picked up the first aid kit, and with his left foot painfully tingling with pins and needles, he limped towards the light. Clawing branches tore at his face, as if trying to hold him back, but he just shook them off.

The light was on a porch.

The porch was attached to a house.

A house usually had people living in it.



A way home back to the rest of One Direction.

He was saved.

One of the bedroom lights were lit as well. Niall could see a figure sitting with her back to the window, holding something. He opened his mouth to yell-

but his breath caught in his throat. He knew that figure. It was imprinted in his memory. It was the silhouette he saw when he closed his eyes every time after breaking that window.

It was Bella.

And in that moment, Niall's hope packed a bag, waved good-bye, and fled.

He wasn't at some old pensioners cottage.

This was Jeff's house. But... Now he had found Bella. He had learnt his lesson already. He needed her. He needed her help.

Just like she had needed his.



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