Niall Horan; the famous pop band singer. The teenage heart throb. That's him. He's the one that makes the girls swoon and cry, especially when he gets kidnapped from Paris.

Why? Because he's famous. But don't count on him giving up. Maybe love can help him through this?


23. Going, or Gone?


Niall watched the door shut. He heard the footsteps fade. And then he turned around.


He was going to get out of this dump.

Grabbing the first aid kit (he thought he might need it) he faced one of the windows. They had no way to open them and were made of toughened glass, but Niall had broke one before. So they were breakable. The only problem is, he was fuelled by rage then. Right now he only felt sadness, betrayal and determination.


He closed his eyes and thought about all the times he had been lied too. There was quite a lot to think about.

There was the time when a pretty fan told him she was seventeen so he took her out for a date... Only to find she was actually fourteen and tall for her age.

Then there was the time when he arranged a date with a popular girl only for her to stand him up when he was fifteen. He was bullied about it for the next three months.

But the ones that swam to the front of his mind were the most recent ones.

"Told you I hit her? Did she? Well, I suppose she would tell you that if meant she could get a fine looking boy feeling sorry for her." 

"What I don't understand, is why you believed him over me."

The last wasn't a lie, but it was powerful enough to make Niall shake with fury. 

The strange thing was, it was fury at himself.

How could he have been so stupid? She was wrong, he had been lied too. But he had been wrong too. Why did he even think for one, idiotic moment, that Jeff was telling the truth?

It was the same man who had kidnapped him! 

Had being kidnapped taken every brain cell out of his head or something!

Niall didn't notice his fist curling up. He didn't notice lashing out at the window. He didn't notice the glass shards tinkling as they fell. At least, not until one sliced his still sore hand.


It brought him out of his mental rant. Gazing around with an air of surprise, he noticed the broken window. Excitement surged within him. He had done it! He had broken the window. Feeling very happy, Niall grinned at his biceps and flexed them. He was stronger than he thought.

He gathered up the first aid kit and clambered through the window. 

It was a strange sensation, standing in the overgrown garden after only looking at it for so long. A breeze made the trees rustle and Niall sucked in a big breath. It tasted fresh and clean.

He looked around. Dark shapes loomed at him, and Niall stepped back hurriedly before he realised they were trees. The moon wasn't providing much light tonight, and Niall had to wait a while for his eyes to adjust. Only then did he notice a faint track leading from the house into the woods. Niall hesitated.


He could take her away, away from Jeff. More than that, he needed her. He had no idea where he was and she probably did. But...

She must hate him. He betrayed her. He didn't believe her. She needed his help, and he rejected her.

 Niall didn't think he could face her. Anyway, he was bound to find decent civilisation somewhere. The woods couldn't carry on forever. All  he had to do was walk.

Niall turned away from the track, and set off under the trees.


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