Niall Horan; the famous pop band singer. The teenage heart throb. That's him. He's the one that makes the girls swoon and cry, especially when he gets kidnapped from Paris.

Why? Because he's famous. But don't count on him giving up. Maybe love can help him through this?


13. Exaggerate


They were forced to eat by Paul, that night, even though they weren’t hungry. Instead of eating, the boys picked at their food, thinking of ideas they could do to help Niall.

“What are we supposed to do?” asked Liam, picking out the carrots from his salad.

“Even though Paul told us that he would take care of it, I just can’t wait around here knowing that Niall is probably sitting in a cold, lonely, dark cell, living off of ketchup bags and water,” Harry sighed, fighting a tear that threatened to snake down his cheek.

The rest of boys looked at him confused

“Fine I exaggerated a bit,” said Harry.

“Ya JUST a bit ,” giggled Louis, the darkness was slowly lifting from the group.

Harry nudged him and giggled as well.

Liam looked at them with a facial expression which clearly read: ‘seriously???’

“As I was saying…” Liam said, clearing his throat.

The boys talked all night of ways they could help Niall, though eventually they decided to sleep. Zayn dreamt he was a superhero and he had to save Niall.

Liam dreamt that Niall was back with them at the concert and singing his solo next to Liam for the song 'Little Things'

Harry dreamt that he was a detective and just figured out the building where Niall was held kidnapped. (If only that was the real building) he thought to himself.

While Louis, well... He dreamt that he was drinking a smoothie with Kevin, his pigeon, in a diner with Niall sitting at the table next to them eating carrots.


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