Niall Horan; the famous pop band singer. The teenage heart throb. That's him. He's the one that makes the girls swoon and cry, especially when he gets kidnapped from Paris.

Why? Because he's famous. But don't count on him giving up. Maybe love can help him through this?


15. Confusion


"Wow..." Niall breathed looking at Bella. "That was just wow."

"I agree!" she giggled. Then Bella looked Niall straight in the eyes. "If Jeff knows about this, he will punish you. Don't tell him anything."

"I promise." Niall, still high from the kiss, attempted a soldier's stance and drew a cross over his heart.

"Niall." Something in Bella's voice caught Niall's attention and he looked her way. She looked solemn and sad. "You know this could never possibly work out, right?" Niall crouched until he was her level.

"Everything is possible." he whispered, touching her cheek softly. Bella didn't look convinced. Breaking away from him, she moved to the door.

"I need to go now." she said abruptly.

"Right now?" Niall asked.

"Yes." she muttered. Then she was gone, and Niall heard the key turn in the lock. He slumped to the floor, his mind a confused mess. What he done? Had he done something wrong? Was he a terrible kisser?  


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