It was silent for a couple of seconds. Harry took a grip of my face and leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was shocked. I pulled away.
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” Harry said with worry all over his face.
“No its not your fault I just….i cant.” I said looking away.
“Whats wrong?” Harry asked.
That one question pulled something in me and tears started to fill my eyes.


5. The Fan.


Kymberly’s POV:

I woke up in Harry’s arms. Last night flashed through my eyes. I realized I told him everything. About my dad. What if I scared him away? What if he thinks im to sensitive?

I don’t want to scare him away. I didn’t want to scare away any of the boys away. That’s the last thing I want to do.

I walked into the bathroom and shutting the door. I heard ruffling from the bed. I opened the bathroom and walked out. There Harry was up and awake.

“Good morning Kymberly.” Harry said with a smile on his face.

“Good morning. So whats the agenda for today.” I said trying to forget the things I sadi last night.

“Well, we have to do some sound checking at the arena make sure everything is working. And rehearse for the concert.” Harry replied to me.

It was 6:00am. It was a little early. I yawned and went to my suitcase.

“When are we leaving?” I asked Harry.

“I think at 8. I’ll have to check with the boys. I’ll be right back” Harry said.

I nodded my head and he went out the door. 10 minuets passed and he came through the door, “Yeah its at 8. Gives us time to get ready and eat breakfast.” Harry informed me.

“Alright sounds good.” I said to him.

I grabbed my hair straightener and went back into the bathroom. I plugged it in and started with my hair. Harry walked into the bathroom while I was still doing my hair.

“Sorry, I need to take a shower, you don’t have to leave I’ll cover up in a towel.” Harry said.

I nodded my head and left the bathroom until I heard the shower turn on.

“You can come in now.” Harry said making sure I heard him.

I walked in and continued with my hair. I finished my hair 5 minuets later and unplugged the straightener and put it on the dresser. i went back to my suitcase and took out some clothes that I was going to wear for the day.

I took out a different pair of shorts, because its suppose to get hot today. Also I got out a grey tanktop and before I could get out the rest of my out fit Harry walked out of the bathroom, “Sorry I didn’t know you were getting dressed.” Harry said looking the other way.

“I’m not naked Harry. I just have on shorts and a tank top I think I’ll live. Haha.” I said reassuring im it was ok for him to turn around.

He turned around still trying not to look at me. I giggled a litte and continued to ruffle through my bag. I pulled out my ‘The Who’ t-shirt and pulled it over my head. It was a little big so I tied in the back.

“I have that same shirt.” Harry said pointing to my shirt.

“That’s fuuny. I love them they are brilliant.” I said laughing back at Harry.

He was already ready, all I had to do was put my shoes on and head out the door for breakfast. We were going to have breakfast together. So we went out into the car and packed in.

“Where should we go?” Louis asked

I shrugged my shoulders. “Nandos!!!” Niall screamed.

“There isn’t a Nandos here Niall.” Liam said to Niall.

Niall threw his head down. In a playful way. So instead we just went to McDonalds. We had to eat in the car because we were running late and didn’t want to make a scene. 

We ate and we showed up at the arena. It was huge. There were some fans outside, they weren’t aloud inside. The boys signed some autographs. I just stood there quiet.

“Who is that?” Some fan asked pointing at me.

“Her name is Kymberly and shes with us, going on tour with us.” Harry said looking back at me smiling at me. I blushed.

“well, we need to go inside. Nice meeting you all.” Liam said to the fans.

I was behind them, when a fan stopped me.


I walked into the place. The boys were already on stage. Everyone knew I was with them. One guy led me to the floor of the arena. I sat there in front of them while they rehearsed. They sounded great.

We were there for a couple of hours. When they were done it was 12:00pm.

“You guys did great. You guys are going to blow that stage away!” I said giggling at them.

“Thanks love.” Zayn said back to me

We walked back to car. We were all hungry so we went out to lunch. We showed up a place I never knew existed. I didn’t even know how to say the name. we walked into the place. There wasn’t a lot of people there. Thank God. I seen that the boys liked that too.

“Table of 6?” The waitress asked.

Liam nodded his head. We walked to our table and sat down.

“Hello, im your waitress Natalie can I start you all off with drinks?” She said nicely.

“Um yes, just get us all some pepsi.” Harry told her.

She nodded her head and went on her way. She came back with our drinks. “Are you all ready to order or do you want me to give some time?” The waitress said.

“I think we are all ready.” Liam added. They all ordered but me.

“I’ll have a salad.” I said to her. Nodding her head in understanding. She left to get our orders.

“So, Kymberly tell us about you.” Zayn said to me.

I told them everything about me. Except the thing about my dad. I didn’t want them to know yet. Harry already knew. I felt safer telling him since I knew him better.

I wanted to tell them, I really did. I just wasn’t ready yet.

Zayn’s POV:

She only ordered a salad. Was she shy on eating in front of us? maybe she just wasn’t all that hungry.

She told u about her friends. They seem a lot like us. it was funny. She had a good since of humor. But I knew something was off about her because she was quiet until we asked her questions.

She kept her head down not making eye contact with Harry. What happened last night? Was pairing them up not a good idea?

She was so beautiful, and I didn’t want to see her sad. I tried to make her laugh. But im not very good with jokes. She knew I was trying to make her feel better and she laughed at my stupid jokes.

I wanted to know what was wrong with her.

Niall’s POV:

Ahhh I was so hungry. But then again I always am. Kymberly only got a salad. Salad would NEVER fill me up. She was a girl and her appetite may be smaller than ours.

She was quiet. She wasn’t like that on the bus. She was funny on there and talkative. But today she wasn’t herself. Did something happen last night with Harry? I had to find out.

She kept her eyes down and didn’t talk unless we talked to her.

Kymberly’s POV:

I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t want to talk. I hope they didn’t think something was up.

The waitress came back with all of our food. The salad was huge. There was no way I was going to eat it all.

“Wow that’s good size salad you got there.” Louis said laughing.

“Yeah it is. Haha.” I said back to him.

We started eating I was the first one done eating. I still had more than half of the salad left on my plate.

“I’m going to step outside for a little bit.” I said to them

I got up and pushed my chair in. walked outside and sat on the bench next to the entrance.

Harry’s POV:

She hardly ate anything. Then she stepped outside. What was wrong. She wasn’t acting the same. Something was on her mind. I need to find out.

“I’m going to give her some company. I’ll be back in a bit.” I said to the lads.

“Don’t be gone to late Haz.” Louis said winking at me.

I laughed and walked out. There she was sitting on the bench looking at the cars passing by. I put my hand on her shoulder. She jumped.

“What are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be eating?” She asked me.

“I’m not hungry. And I noticed something was wrong with you. Whats wrong?” I asked concerned sitting next to her.

“Nothing is wrong. I just wanted some fresh air.” She said back with a half smile.

“I know that’s not true. You’re not acting the same as yesterday. Please tell me.” I said to her looking directly into her deep blue eyes.

“Well, you know how we went to the sound check? And you all greeted fans?” she said.

I nodded.

“Well, when you all were going inside a fan stopped me.” She said catching her breath.

“She said to me, ‘I see the way Harry looks at you. Don’t you dare touch him. He is mine. I will destroy you if you touch him. That’s a promise.’ I didn’t know what to say to her so I nodded my head.” She said with a tear rolling down her face.

“Why did you tell us? We could have taken care of it.” I said to her wrapping my arm around her.

“Because it wasn’t a big deal.” She said looking at me.

“Obviously it was because you’re in tears.” I said to her.

“I’m fine see.” She said wiping the tear off her face. She laughed.

I knew she wasn’t ok. I just smiled at her and walked her back in the restaurant.

“We are done eating if you all are too.” Liam said to us.

We both nodded. “We packed you all’s food since you all hardly ate anything. You all might be hungry later.” Zayn gave us the food.

“Thanks.” Kymberly said to him.

“You’re welcome.” Zayn said smiling back to her.

We all got into the car.

“Hey! Why don’t we go to the amusement park? Its still early.” Louis said excited.

“That sounds fun!” Liam exiled.

“Well, its set we are going. Hey Bill go to the amusement park right.” Louis yelled at the driver.

This was going to be fun.



Authors Note~

Hey guys! Are you all liking the story? What do you all think about it? Please leave feedback. Thanks. Love you all! Thanks for reading :) Means a lot!

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