It was silent for a couple of seconds. Harry took a grip of my face and leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was shocked. I pulled away.
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” Harry said with worry all over his face.
“No its not your fault I just….i cant.” I said looking away.
“Whats wrong?” Harry asked.
That one question pulled something in me and tears started to fill my eyes.


14. The Dress.

Kymberly's POV:

"Hey, umm Kym can i ask you something?...." Harry asked.

"Yeah sure anything." I said back to Harry.

"Well, umm erhmmm."

"Just spit it out already silly." i said to Harry.

"I was wondering if you'd like to erhm go out to dinner tonight?" Harry said picking at his fingers.

"Really?" I asked trying hard not to freak out.

"Yeah, but if you dont want to we dont have to."

"No, i would love to. Sounds fun!" I could feel my cheeks burning up.

"Great! Well i made reservations at an Italian restaurant. Is that fine? Harry asked.

"Thats perfect. I love Italian food!"

"I do too."

We both laughed. There was a knock on the door. i decided to get it. i opened the door and saw Zayn standing there looking nervous.

"Hey Zayn! Whats up?" I asked looking at him.

"I was wondering if you....umm if you wanted to out out and do something fun tonight. To get your mind off everything."

"Oh well i actually have plans tonight with Harry. Maybe another night?" I asked feeling horrible.

"Oh um ok. Yeah we can reschedual. Well also the lads are wanting to go out and do a bit of shopping if you all want to join." Zayn said with a drained look in his eyes.

"Yeah! Totally. Hold om I'll ask Harry."

i walked nack into the room to see if he wanted to come with us.

"Hey Haz the lads and I are wanting to go shopping wamma join us?"

"Actually im gonna have to pass. i didnt get a lot of sleep last night so im gonna catch up on that."

"Alright, but if you change your mind text one of us."

"Will do."

i shook my head and walked out of the room.

"He said that he was really tired, so i guess its going to be the 5 of us."

"Ok! Well lets get a move on." Zayn said looking like the life was coming back to his face.

We met the other lads down the hall. Waiting for us.

"Where's Harry?" Liam asekd.

"He didnt want to come. He was really tired." I said back.

They all nodded and headed to our car. There were fans everywhere as usual. I was starting to get used to the fans screaming everytime they saw a glimps of the boys. We had bodyguards around us like crazy. We made it to the car and drove off.

"I heard you're going on a date with Haz tonight." Niall said winking at me.

"It isn't a date. We are just going out for dinner." I said smirking.

"Babe that's what a date is." Liam said laughing at me.

"Well, alright im excited. Haha." I said blushing real hard.

"We need to pamper you up." Louis exclaimed.

"You dont have to do that." I said.

"We want to." Laim said.

i smiled real big. I know i couldnt argue with them. Because they would always win.

"Wait how did you all know i was going out tonight?" I asked confused.

"Harry texted me." Louis said smiling.

"Really?" I said blushing.


i could feel my heart racing. He told Louis that we were going out tonight. He told someone before i did. I wasnt going to tell anyone until i knew he didnt mind if people knew we were going out.

"We are going to make you look so good, that every guy will be drooling over you." Louis said grooming is invisable beard.

This was going to be an interesting evening.

Harry's POV:

When i was sure that they had left, i went out of my room and went down in te lobby. I wasnt going to go to sleep like i told them i was, i was going to pick out an outfit for tonight. I had to look my best for her.

I crunched into the car outside and went to the clothing store. I didnt quite know what to wear for tonight. i didnt want to be too dressy, she'd think im weird. I walked into a men's outlook dressing store. It had a lot of dressy, not so dressy clothing. I decided to go original and buy a new blazer and a white top.

When i purchased my items, i went to the baber shop to trim my hair, make it not look shabby. When i was finished, it had been an hour i had been out, i didnt know how long the lads and Kym were going to be out so to be safe i decided to head back to the hotel.

I walked into the lobby and up to my room. then i remembered that i forgot the most important thing. Flowers. I needed to buy her flowers. You dont go to a date without flowers. I called Paul to see if he would go picl me up a bouguet of rose's. Tonight had to be absolutely perfect. I have a really good feeling about Kymberly. I couldnt wait for it to be tonight.

Kymberly's POV:

"Oh no! I am not wearing that!" I laughed at Louis showing me a dress.

"Oh c'mon why not?" Louis asked.

"It looks like something my cat would wear to a funeral!"

The boys started laughing really hard. I joined them in the laughing.

"Okay what about this one?" Niall said showing me another dress.

"Now, that one I like its cute."

"Try it on!"



"um, okay..."

I took the dress from Niall. It was such a pretty dress. It was a very form fitting red dress. It had a 2 inch strap on each shoulder, with a belted waist, and a flowy bottom with scalped ends, and a rectangle cut out in the back. It was gorgeous.

I went into the dressing room to try on the dress. That i was very excited to try on.

"Dont forget to come out and show us!" Louis yelled.

"Will do!" I said back to Louis.

Wehn the dress was on me i looked in the mirror and i felt so beautiful. The dress fit perfect and looked absolutely stunning.

"You guys ready?" I asked intimidating them.

"Yeah! Come out!" They all chanted.

I walked out and they were all quite. I didnt know if that meant it was good or bad.

"What do you all think?" I asked nervously.

"Wow! You look absolutely stunning!" Liam said walking over to me.

"It fits you perfect!" Niall said looking up and down my body.

"Do a turn for us." Louis said.

I hesitated for a second but i turned for them.

"The back looks even better!" Zayn said with a smirk.

"Harry is one lucky lad i tell you whar." Niall said.

I couldnt stop blushing. They were all complimenting me on how it looked. It felt good to hear that from them.

"This is the dress you're wearing tonight!" Louis said smiling.

"I agree." I said with a laugh.

"Well im going to change out of this." I said walking back to the dressing room.

I walked out of the dressing room with my clothes on and the dress in my hands. We looked around the store for a pair of shoes to go with the dress. I found a pair of lacy black heels that i knew would go great with the dress.

"I wonder what i would look like in heels?" Niall said with a devious look on his face.

"Oh no Niall dont you." Liam said.

"Too late!" Niall said running over to a pair of heels and quickly putting them on his large feet. Louis quickly joining him.

They both put on a pair of heels and walked around the store. Niall and Louis walked over to us.

"I dont think these go with my skin tone." Niall said lifting his foot up.

"Do these shoes make my bum look big?" Louis asked.

"Lou your bum makes your bum look big." Liam said laughing.

At this point we were uncontrollably laughing. Niall and Louis took off the heel and put them back in the box. We headed up to the cashier and put my dress and shoes on the counter.

"That'll be $150 please." The cashier said. I pulled out my wallet just to be shot down.

"We are paying.: Liam said.

"But i have the money, i can pay for it." I said.

"Dont worry about it. save it. We got it."

I didnt say anything and just put my wallet back. It felt like Liam was my older brother. It was cute. He took care of things. Of everything. Even me when he didnt know me as much as he did the other lads. Liam was so sweet. I loved him to death.

Once we paid for my things we got back into the car. when we were in the store people were taking pictures, so ill be expecting those to pop up in twitter soon. I didnt worry about that i had to worry about tonight.

Tonight is going to be the best night of my life. I am going to go on a date with Harry. The guy i have been in love with for 3 years, but never knew i existed. Never did i think this would ever happen to me. I guess dreams really do ome true. And mie was going to tonight.



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