It was silent for a couple of seconds. Harry took a grip of my face and leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was shocked. I pulled away.
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” Harry said with worry all over his face.
“No its not your fault I just….i cant.” I said looking away.
“Whats wrong?” Harry asked.
That one question pulled something in me and tears started to fill my eyes.


18. I Can't Lose Her.

Harry’s POV:

After the show the lads wanted to go out to eat. I wasn’t really feeling up to it so I told them that I would just go back to the hotel. They tried to talk me out of it. They wanted me to go but I didn’t really want to. So the lads just agreed and I went on my way back to the hotel.

I made it to the hotel and to no surprise there were fans every were. I took some photos. But I quickly walked in and went up to my room. I was extremely tired. I had a long day; it seemed longer than most days. I just wanted to climb into bed and sleep tomorrow away.

I walked into the room and saw Kym laying on the bed peacefully sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her. i changed out of my stage clothes and drug on some ball shorts and a t shirt. I grabbed a pillow from the bed and slumped over to the couch. I had no problem with sleeping on the couch it was comfortable to my surprise. I quickly fell asleep.


I woke up quite early. I took a glance over at my phone to check the time and it was 7:30am. We left today to head over to Washington. When I looked over at the bed Kym wasn’t laying there. She always seemed to leave unannounced. I looked around the room and the bathroom door swung open.

“You’re awake sleepy head.” Kym said walking over to the chair next to the couch.

“Yeah just now.”

“How was the show?”

“Amazing. Wish you could have come with us. It would have been fun.”

“Well like I said there were some things I wanted to pick up and do before we left.”

“What did you get?”

“Oh just a couple of things for my mom.”

“Are you and your mom close?”

“Sort of. We have our ups and downs. But we are always there for eachother.”

“That’s good. Me and my mom are really close.”

“I can tell.”


“Well I was talking to the other lads and they told me that every time you are texting someone its always your mom.”

“Not always. Just most of the time.” I said coming into a laugh.

“Well I think its cute that you’re close to your mom. Not most guys are.”

“Yeah, all of us lads are really close with our mums. We are pretty much one big family. Like Liam’s mum is like a mum to me and so on.”

“I would say so. They seem like really nice ladies.”

“They are. I think my mum is coming down to visit here soon.”

“Oh that’ll be great. I would love to meet her. Does she know about my situation and how I’m on tour with you all?”

“Yeah she knows I already told her.”

I already told her? Really Harry? Now you sound like a creepy stalker that always talks about Kym to your mum. Which you do but she doesn’t need to know that. She probably thinks im a weirdo now.

“You know if I was home I would be starting school in like a month.” Kym said picking at her nails.

“Well instead of going to a boring ole school you get to hang out with 5 idiots.”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that.” She said jokingly.

There was a knock at the door so I answered the door.

“Aye Haz!.” Niall exclaimed.

“How are you so energetic its morning?”

“I’ve been up for a bit. Just letting you all know that we are leaving in a couple of hours.”

“Thanks Niall.”

“No problem. Hey Kym can you come with me for a minuet?”

“Um sure.” Kym said heading towards the door.

She walked out and Niall shut the door. I was confused. I didn’t think too much about it I just started to pack my things.

After a few minuets past Kym walked back in holding back a smile.

“What did Niall want?”

“Oh it was nothing.”

I just nodded my head and continued what I was doing. Kym walked over to her suitcase and started to pack as well. She picked up the dress that she wore on our date. She didn’t see me but I was looking at her looking at the dress. I pictured her back into it. With her hair swaying in the breeze. I can see the smile on her face. I just smiled to myself because of how beautiful she is. And how beautiful she was that night.

She packed the dress in her bag and I looked back at my bag. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush and tooth paste and put them into my bag.

The clock said 8:30 am. Kym looked over at the clock and then over at me.

“Um I’ll be right back.”

“Where you going?”

“I’ll just be right back.”


I was still confused. When Kym left I stayed in the room for a couple of minuets. But me being my nosey self decided to leave the room to find out what was going on. I walked out of my room and turned around.


All the lads, Kym were standing by our door.

“Whats going on?”

“HARRY!” I heard a familiar voice yell.

I looked over and saw my mum running towards me.


I ran towards her. I haven’t seen her in such a long time. I gave her a huge hug. I missed her sooo much.

“What are you doing here. I though you were coming in a couple of weeks.”

“Well I decided to come a little earlier. Unless you want me to leave and come back in a couple of weeks then I will do so.”

“No. Stay. I missed you so much.” I said hugging her again.

“We missed you so much too.”


“Gemma come out.”

“Mum I was going to scare him.”

“Gem! You’re all here.”

“Hey Haz. I missed you.” Gem said hugging me.

“Did you all pan this?” I said looking over at the lads and Kym.

They all nodded their head.

“That’s why I need to talk to Kym. So she could be in on it.” Niall said walking over to me.

“Thank you guys and gal.”

“No problem” Liam said with a smile.

“Hey mum! I missed you!” Louis said walking over to my mum.

“I missed you too Lou.”

“So catch me up on everything that has been happening.” Mum said.

I told her all that have happened. Which wasn’t a whole lot. I was more interested in what she has been doing. We caught up on everything.

“Oh I almost forgot. This is Kymberly.” I said showing her Kym.

“So this is the girl you have been telling me about.”

“Mum!” I said looking away.

“Hi very nice to meet you. Harry has said amazing things about you. Its great to meet you.” Kym said reaching for her hand.

“Us Styles don’t do hand shakes he do hugs. And its very nice to meet you as well. Harry told me that you’re a very outgoing girl.” My mum said hugging Kym.

“Yeah haha. Something like that.”

“Well I would love to get to know you more.”

“Definitely. Same on my part.”

“Well we need to pack our things on the bus and head out. So we can do it on the bus.” I said.

“Okay we will be waiting on the bus.” Anne said walking away.

Me and Kym walked in our room and got our things. Kym put on her shoes.

“You’re mum is so sweet.”

“She really is. She will like you I can tell.”

“Good. That makes me feel less nervous.”

“Why do you feel nervous?”

“I don’t know. I get nervous over silly things.”

“Well don’t worry about it. My mum is very easy to talk to.”

She laughed and we walked out of the room. We got into the elevator and went into the lobby. There was already a path made foe us outside to get to our bus. We put our things inside.

“Kymberly.” An unfamiliar voice said.

Kymberly turned around and had a shocked look on her face. To see the guy standing there in front of her.

“What are you doing here?” Kym said looking surprised.

The guy moved in and kissed her. I couldn’t watch.

“I still love you.” The guy said.

“Obviously. But why are you here? You live in Kentucky.”

“I had to see you.”

“Is this your boyfriend?” I asked Kym.

“No. He’s my ex.”

I felt hurt. Why was he here? She was mine, not his.

“Cameron we broke up over 2 months ago.”

“I know but I need you. I love you.”

“You didn’t need me when you cheated on me.”

“I know and I feel like a total ass for that. I’m so sorry. I just want to be with you.”

“You cant just put me on the spot like that. We are getting ready to leave.”

“Well then give me an answer. Do you still love me or not? If not I will never talk to you again.”

Who the hell was this kid. I wanted him to leave. He didn’t deserve Kym. After he cheated on her.

“umm I don’t know.” Kym said answering him.

Did Kym still love him? What does that make me? I could tell by the look in her eyes she still had feelings for him. I was hurt. If Kym still loved him that means that I could never be with her. And that’s something I cant live with. I was really starting to develop some strong feelings for her.

“Please I need to know. Do you still love me?”

“I cant make that kind of decision right now.”

“Will you let me know when you can?”


Cameron leaned in a kissed Kym again. She didn't flinch. I could feel the anger in me rise. I was ready to pound this kids face in. I had to leave or else something bad would have happened. I knew that if she went back to him that she would get hurt again. And I didn't want to see her hurt anymore. I wanted to protect her from everything. Because I have seen her hurt and I don’t ever want to see that again.

I walked back into the hotel and went up to our room. I slammed the door behind me. I punched the wall with all my force leaving a hole. I didn't feel anything I was too angry. I was pacing around the room trying to calm myself. She still loved him. I know she did. I wasn't stupid, I could tell by the way she looked him.

I couldn't lose her. I couldn't lose another person I love…again.


***Authors Note***

Hey guys what do you guys think of this chapter? Do you like it? Like this story and favorite it. Hope you are all enjoying it so far. also i added a new chapter to 'Alone' i havent updated that one in a while sorry about that. But there is a new chapter so tell me what you think. Love you all. <33

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