It was silent for a couple of seconds. Harry took a grip of my face and leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was shocked. I pulled away.
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” Harry said with worry all over his face.
“No its not your fault I just….i cant.” I said looking away.
“Whats wrong?” Harry asked.
That one question pulled something in me and tears started to fill my eyes.


1. How I Got Here.


Hi, im Kymberly Stoneking im 17 years young and a senior in highschool. I'm the crazy outgoing type of person. And i have a guilty pleasure that everyone knows. And that is that i am in love with One Direction. 

They have changed my whole life. No joke. It’s a long story but hey we have time. Ill shorten it up a bit. I had just moved to a new place and was so worried to start a new school. But I had other problems to worry about. Like my dad.

 My dad had cancer and died from it. I was so depressed after he passed. Thought I would never be happy again. Then my boyfriend said that the song, What Makes You Beautiful reminded him of me. I had heard the song before on the radio but never actually listened to it. So I looked it up and watched the music video for it I instantly fell in love with them.

 They were so beautiful and full of joy and happiness. At first I thought it was just a boyband that I wouldn’t obsess with them. I was so wrong. I am to the point to where i would die for them.

 I had to get their Up All Night cd. I loved them so much. They made me happy again. I could never thank them enough for that. They mean the whole world to me. If it wasn’t for them I would probably have nothing. I would be sad, still upset over my dad. But they popped into my life and I am so thankful for that.

 It was finally summer time and I was so excited. I was going to spend the whole summer with my girls! It was in July when I was in my mums room on my phone. I liked to go on Ebay and look at One Direction tickets. Tickets I knew I would never get. I don’t know why I would do that I just did.

I was talking to my mum about the tickets and she said to go look on ticketmaster because they have good prices on there. So I did what I was told and went on I searched ‘One Direction concert tickets.’ They had a huge list of places the boys were going to. I scrolled down and saw ‘Louisville KY’ I freaked out because I didn’t know they were coming to my home state!

 I squealed and my mom gave me a puzzled look. I ignored her and clicked on it. They had difeerent sections you could look for. So I searched ‘Best Seats’ and ‘Any Price’. When the computer loaded and the seats that were left were on the very top. Section 335…325…etc. I was so sad. I didn’t want bad seats.

 So I went back on Ebay and looked on there. The only really has was floor seats. (Which I would die for) but they were $2,000+. There was no way my mom was going to spend that much money for tickets. I kept looking….then. I saw great tickets.

 They weren’t the best but it was the best tickets that they had for sale. They were on the lower section. Section 111 row E seats 20, & 21. They were selling them for $300! I freaked out and jumped out of my mums bed and screamed, “MOM LOOK, LOOK AT THE SCREAN!” she looked and turned at me and said,

 “What am I suppost to do with that?”

 I looked at her with a ‘duhh’ look. I then proceded to say, “They are selling these tickets for $300. That’s not bad at all. And it’s a really good section!” at first she didn’t say anything.

 I gave her a puppy dog face. She took my laptop and started reading the details, she looked at me and said, “I don’t think I have enough money in my bank account hun.” It felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I could feel the tears form, but I tried to hold them back.

“But-“ before I could finish I sat on the bed and she said, “I guess that means I have to go to the bank then doesn’t it?”  I coulnt believe what my ears just heard. Was she being honest? Or was she playing around?

My heart stopped beating and I swear I lost cautiousness for about a minute. I then said to her, “Are you serious?” she smiled and said, “Yes.” I screamed and covered my face with my hands and started bawling!

 My mom looked so happy. She started to tear up. I looked up at her and asked, “Why are you crying?” She glanced at me and said, “Because seeing you this happy makes me happy. And I liked to see my kids happy, but if you want to get them we need to leave now to go to the bank.”

 I didn’t hesitate I jumped right out of her bed and sprinted to her car. She climbed into the car and we drove to the bank.

 I was still in shock. I looked at her and said, “I need to post this on Facebook! Everyone has to know! IM GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!”

I posted online that I was getting tickets. My mom said, “You shouldn’t have done that.” I looked confused and asked,


 “Because if people know you are getting tickets then they might go hunt for some and if they find the tickets we got they might buy them before us.”

I had worry written all over my face. Before I said anything I went on my phone and scrambled on facebook to delete the post. To late. I already had 10 comments and 20 likes.

 I was so scared. The bank was about 30 mins away from where we lived so I told my mom to floor it.

We finally made it there and we deposited the money and went straight home. We got home and I ran upstairs and turned on my laptop to see that the tickets were still there. I sighed in relief. She bought the tickets and I was still in shock for about a week.

A day later the mailman came by and I wasn’t about to get up and get the mail. Then my mom said, “What if its your tickets?” I jumped up and ran out the door. I opened the mailbox.

There they were. My tickets. I screamed loud enough to where im sure everyone in my neighborhood could hear me. I didn’t care.

 I ran inside and screamed and jumped up and down. I opened the package and my tickets were awaiting me inside. I held them as if they were a newborn baby. I didn’t let anyone touch them. I knew exactly who I was taking with me. My best friend Courtney.

So that’s how I got my tickets and how one direction has changed my life. There is so much more though. Now I wait for the concert. 

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