It was silent for a couple of seconds. Harry took a grip of my face and leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was shocked. I pulled away.
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” Harry said with worry all over his face.
“No its not your fault I just….i cant.” I said looking away.
“Whats wrong?” Harry asked.
That one question pulled something in me and tears started to fill my eyes.


11. Cant Handle This.

Zayn’s POV:

Kymberly seemed agitated. I don’t know what it was about. Maybe she was just really tired. Or maybe something was on her mind. I wanted to know what was wrong with her. I didn’t want her to think she was alone because she wasn’t she had us. And I hope she knows she can come talk to any of us if she has a problem.

“Hey guys, you all remember Courtney right? Well she texted me during the concert and she was wondering if I could send her a group picture of us. Is that alright?” Kymberly asked.

“Yeah that’s fine. How about we take the picture when we get to the hotel?” Liam said.

Kymberly nodded her head in agreement. And looked back at her phone. We all knew that she hasn’t talked to her mom since she’s been down here. Maybe that’s whats on her mind. She probably just misses her. Which I can relate to because going on tour with my best mates you miss home. Maybe I will talk to her when we get to the hotel see if there is anything she wants to tell anyone.

Kymberly’s POV:

I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted to be alone. When we get to the hotel I just wanted to take the picture send it to Courtney and then just go outside. Away from everything. The fans, the public, the boys I needed me time.

We finally made it to the hotel, there was still a decent amount of fans outside. The boys stopped to take some pictures and sign autographs with some fans. I didn’t wait for them I just went inside and waited for them to come in.

“Sorry it took so long hun.” Niall said.

“Oh no don’t worry about it, its fine.” I said getting my camera on my phone ready.

“Hey Paul will you take the picture?” I asked.

He nodded and took my phone. We got in position.

“Smile!” Paul exclaimed.

He took the shot and gave me my phone back.

“That’s a good photo.” Louis said looking over my shoulders.

“Yeah it is. (:” I said smiling at the boys.

“Will you send it to us?” Harry asked.

“Sure, all of you want it?” I asked.

“Yup.” They all said.

“Alright no problem.” I said.

We all headed upstairs to our rooms. Me and Harry made it to our room. I didn’t really want to be inside. So I went to my suitcase and got my light jacket out so I can go outside. Because it was a little chilly out.

“I’m going to go get some fresh air okay?” I said to Harry.

“Alright. Do you want any company?” Harry asked looking right at me.

“No im sure I can manage. I’ll probably call my mom.” I said opening the door.

Harry nodded and walked into the bathroom. I walked into the entrance area of the hotel. I couldn’t walk out the front because then I would get trampled from fans. So I had to sneak out the back. There was an area where the people worked in the hotel would go to smoke. It was the only area I could go to were no one could see me. I sat on chair that was there.

I turned on my phone. Sent Courtney and the boys the group picture we took. After I sent them I went on Twitter.

I couldn’t get what that girl said to me out of my head. How bad was it? I was kind of scared to find out. But I needed to know. I go to my news feed and there was a crap load of tweets on there. Everyone was mentioning me. It was crazy. The last time I had been on my Twitter I had 556 followers now I have 345,987 followers. Wow. That’s a big jump.

I went on my timeline and I already knew this wasn’t going to be good. I scrolled and read some of the post’s. like for example:

“I bet you Kymberly has an STD from all the boys she sleeps with.”---“I swear to God if her and Harry date I will hunt her down and kill her myself.”---“Kymberly is ugly and fat anyways. Anyone has a better shot with Harry then her. Haha.”---“Drive yourself to McDonalds and stuff yourself with a Big Mac you fata$$!!! Your unwanted!”---“Shes only going on tour with the boys because they feel bad for her. Its just a pity party.”---“Does she really think Harry cares about her? That’s funny. Get a life.”---“If Harry seriously dates her he is stupid.”---“Why doesn’t she just kill herself???”

I could not believe people were saying all this stuff about me. They didn’t even know me. My hands were shaking and tears were falling down my quivering cheeks. I wanted to stop reading all of the hate comments but I couldn’t put my phone down. They were targeting Harry as well. He hadent done anything.

Why wouldn’t people understand that me and Harry were only friends. Nothing more. I kept reading things people saying to me. I decided to post a tweet.

“@KymSto: Just wanted to say that me and Harry are NOT dating. He is a very good friend of mine. That’s it. No need to get uptight. Night!”

I needed people to know. I didn’t know how long I could handle this. They all wanted me to die. They wanted me to kill myself. That hit me the hardest. They wanted me to die because I am living my dream. Its not my fault.

If anyone else was in position yeah I would be jealous but I wouldn’t want them to die. I would support them. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Zayn’s POV:

I decided that this is an opportunity to go talk to Kymberly. See if she needed someone. So I left my room and headed for hers and Harry’s room. I walked down the hallway and made it to their room. I knocked and Harry answered the door.

“Hey pal what are you doing here?” Harry said punching my arm.

“Oh, I just wanted to see if I could talk to Kym. Can I talk to her?” I asked picking at my nails.

“Man you just missed her. She said she wanted to get some fresh air.” Harry said.

“Oh ok thanks mate.” I said looking at Harry.

He shut the door and I went downstairs. When I made it down there the fans could see me and they all screamed. I knew Kym wouldn’t go out the front door so she is probably out back.

I opened the back door and went out. I walked around not knowing were she went. I heard a weeping noise. I followed the noise. It led me to were the workers would smoke.

“Kym? Are you okay?” I said sitting down next to her.

“Oh yeah I-I’m fine.” Kym said wiping the tears off her face.

“Now I know your lying because if you were fine you wouldn’t be crying. Whats going on? You can tell me” I said trying to have her tell me.

“Nothing I promise. I’m perfectly fine.” She said trying to convince me but it wasn’t working.

“A-are you on Twitter?” I asked looking worried as ever.

“Yeah.” Kym said with a soft whisper.

I took her phone away from her.

“You don’t need anymore of this.” I said turning off her phone and putting it in my pocket.

“Why were people saying this stuff about me? Am I really a bad person for being with you all?” Kym asked with tears running down her face.

It broke my heart to see her cry. She was broken. I had read a few comments about what people were saying. But then again that was before the tv interview the amusement park.

“No you are not. Don’t ever think that you hear? You are an amazing girl. These people are just jealous of you.” I said hugging her tightly.

“b-but they want me to die. I’m sure that’s not jealousy. They all hate me.” Kym could hardly get the words out she was crying so bad.

“Oh my gosh, I had no idea they were saying this.”

“They also said that I should kill myself. They are bringing Harry into it and saying a lot of crap about him. When none of this is his fault its mine. He is going to hate me for this.” Kymberly said barring her head into my neck.

“I had no idea the fans were taking it this far. Yeah the fans can get pretty bad but this is too far. Listen look at me, you are a wonderful beautiful girl. No one should ever be saying these things to you. That is just horrible. If they cant see how great you are its their lose. If you ever need anyone to vent to or anyone just to talk to just know that I am always here for you. All of us boys are. I promise.” I said looking into her now darkened blue eyes from crying.

I could not believe our fans were hating this much on Kym. I have never seen them like this. What makes Kym any different then any other girls we hang out with? Something needs to be done about this and fast.

Kymberly’s POV:

I’m kind of glad that Zayn came out here and talked to me. I really needed someone to talk to but didn’t want to ask. He made me feel a little bit better but I still feel like crap. I wonder if Harry knows about everything on Twitter. I really hope he doesn’t. I don’t want him to hate me. I really like him and that’s the last thing I want to happen.

“Well c’mon lets get out of here. Lets go back up to our rooms yes? Get our minds off everything. Maybe you should sleep on it? Hopefully this will all be died down by morning.” Zayn said lifting me up.

He was really strong. He could lift my fat but up so that has to say something right. I laughed in my head. He put me down and we headed upstairs. The fans saw me and Zayn and went crazy.

When we made it to my room I was about to open the door when Zayn stopped me.

“Look, don’t do anything you will regret later okay? Just go in there and ay in bed. You need it you’ve had a long day. As well as all of us.” Zayn said hugging me.

It felt really good to know someone had cared about me. Zayn seemed genuinely worried for me. I just hope he doesn’t tell any of the boys. I don’t want them to worry about me.

I walked into the room. Harry was still awake.

“Hey cutie! Did you get some fresh air? What did you talk to your mom about?” Harry asked,

“Yeah I did. And just telling her how much I missed her and everything that is happening down here.” I said.

I didn’t really talk to my mom but what else was I supposed to say? Oh yeah I just cried over fans saying they want me dead. The usual. I was not about to tell him about all of this. I didn’t want anyone to know. I trusted Harry I really did. But this was my problem and I didn’t want to drag anyone else down with me. I needed to fight my own battles. Let the fans know they cant bring me down that easily.    

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