Love,love,love (a Harry styles love story)

This is a love story about a young 17 yr. old
Named Ellie.
And a guy named Harry from a band which is
One direction. On her way to there concert
Ellie and her friend Mckenna's car breaks
Down and there stranded in the middle of the
Road. Then suddenly a big black lemo pulls
Up. Who could it be??? To find out read this
Amazing love story that only happens
Once in a life time!!!!!


2. Who is it??

Soon enough five cute boys hop out of the
Car me and Mckenna look at each other with
Surprised looks on our faces. Harry: me and
The boys were driving to our concert and
Suddenly see two girls just standing in the
Middle of the road. So we pulled over to help
Them out. The taller girl with the blonde hair
And gorgeous blue eyes caught my attention.
She was gorgeous just perfect. I stood there
Staring for a while till Liam broke the silence
And said " so what happened to u lovely
Ladies" the blonde one that I liked spoke
First. She said " hi I am Ellie and this is my
Friend Mckenna. We were driving to your
Concert and our car broke down and here
We are.| so how did u like it ? Keep reading to
To find out what will happen in chapter 3!!!!
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