Love,love,love (a Harry styles love story)

This is a love story about a young 17 yr. old
Named Ellie.
And a guy named Harry from a band which is
One direction. On her way to there concert
Ellie and her friend Mckenna's car breaks
Down and there stranded in the middle of the
Road. Then suddenly a big black lemo pulls
Up. Who could it be??? To find out read this
Amazing love story that only happens
Once in a life time!!!!!


3. How pretty💋

Ellie: Liam asked me what happened and I told
Him. I felt kinda wierd right now cause Harry
Kept staring at me wierd I could tell he did not
Like me although Mckenna and Niall. Were
Staring at each other and it was obvious they
Liked each other. So Louis asked if we needed
A ride and we said yes. I sat between Harry and
Louis while Mckenna sat next Niall and Liam.
Harry: I think Ellie thought I was wierd it was obvious
She didn't like me or I had that wierd look
On my face again. So I decided to break the
Silence between her and me so I said " how
Are you doing today love" and she said " yes
Very good how about you" of course I said a
Flirty line and said " now I am cause I met
You and you seem very cool and very pretty" she blushed
And smiled " so do u have somewhere to
Stay tonight while your car gets fixed" I asked
She said no and her smiled faded so I said " you can
Stay with us love" her smile grew back on her face
Face and nodded yes then her and Mckenna said
Thank you and right before they left Mckenna
Kissed Niall on the cheek and Niall smiled and
Kissed her on the cheek back.
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