Love,love,love (a Harry styles love story)

This is a love story about a young 17 yr. old
Named Ellie.
And a guy named Harry from a band which is
One direction. On her way to there concert
Ellie and her friend Mckenna's car breaks
Down and there stranded in the middle of the
Road. Then suddenly a big black lemo pulls
Up. Who could it be??? To find out read this
Amazing love story that only happens
Once in a life time!!!!!


5. Beautiful.

Harry: I think the concert went well and all
I could think about was Ellie like I was literally
Singing the songs for her. I know were not dating
But I still really like her. I was thinking maybe
A week after I have known her I might ask her out
So I am going to ask Mckenna some questions first.
Ellie: I really like Harry I felt like the whole concert
Harry was staring at me and Mckenna told me
He was and that Harry was totally into me.
I was very confused and I felt in love and
I know we're not dating but I would like to. I have to
Find a way to set Niall and Mckenna up even
Though I think they are already dating from what
I could see. They would be a cute couple.
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