A hidden love

Harry styles is baiscly a robot now always does what management says. He is forced to date a horrid rude girl just for fame. But he falls in love with a nobody who management would highly disapprove of. what will him and this mysterious girl do?


2. The angel from the streets

Nobodoys POV They walked in the store and ariannas eyes sparkled. Harry went to go talk to a lady then she took arianna and walke away. Arianna's POV Harry is the nicest person I ever met we walked in the store he talked to some lady. As he stood there alking to her i started doing the WORST THING EVER i was falling in LOVE with him those curls ,that smile. He walked back over to me and so did the lady, she took me to the back as i was changing i started thinking, this is wrong what if this stranger has a girlfriend or is married?!?! I looked at myself and i loved it i walked to the front and he paid then we went to his house I walked in and my mouth dropped. It was so big! I sat down next to him and asked ''UHMM...akward question but are u single?'' he looked around a bit then replied ''its complicated but take a bth put your new clothes on and ill  explain.'' i went to wash up then took a bath i walked to harry and he stood there speechless...maybe he felt the same way about me that i feel about him? Harry's POV SHE WALKED TOWARD ME I COULD NOT SPEAK she was beautiful i had alredy fallen in love with her. Her hazel eyes,Her long brown hair,the perfect curls she naturally had.She asked ''well now can you tell me'' I didnt want her to leave if she knew i was ''dating taylor'' but i cant lie to her she is like an angel. But i told her the WHOLE story she looked sad.I told her'' Arianna I know I just met you but I think im madly truly deeply in love with you.'' She grinned and i shoved my lips to hers. I then pulled away and apologized she giggled and said''Harry, i love you too, but if we love each other you can get in loads touble, Can we keep it hidden'' ''of course my angel i love you so much i hope we can be forever together. I love you my beautiful GIRLFRIEND'' '' amazing i love you too my prince. Lets love a love that is hidden in the stars hiding in th moon loving in my heart''

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