A hidden love

Harry styles is baiscly a robot now always does what management says. He is forced to date a horrid rude girl just for fame. But he falls in love with a nobody who management would highly disapprove of. what will him and this mysterious girl do?


3. Break my heart

Harry's POV: I woke up next to this beautiful girl withth her hair falling on her face i pushed it away and kissed her cheek she woke up and just smiled.I just wondered if she knew about one direction and my fame. If she did was she just dating me to hold something against me. NO. She was too perfect i loved her too much to even think she would do something like that. Then my phone buzzed a message from taylor. My screen read                    ''From:Taylor<3   Hey babe lunch at 1?:* ''    She ackted like we were really dating , i didnt want to be rude so i said sure. she immediatly replied ''From Taylor<3 great(; bring your sexy self to lunch today pick me up at 12 from the studio?:*'' She was so awkward and rude at some given moments i just hated her sometimes how could i love and smile someone who i dont love and cnt smile about i only love my one and only arianna.I look over to her again and shes gone? where could she go? I walk to the kitchen and no one, then i go to the living room and there she is my beautiful love i was so in love with all of her beautiful features. I look at her and ask ''Do you mind,i have to go to luch with taylor at 12ish ?'' She nodds then crashes her lips into mine i smile and she back away and says ''of course but im a bit sleepy imma go lay down?'' i nodd and as she goes away i look at the clock its 11 i decide to get ready i kiss ariannas forehead and tell her ill be back later and to not go anywhere, I couldnt risk her getting caught. I head to taylors studio and i walk in she stops recording and runs to me and kisses me. God it didnt feel right i was so used to ariannas soft sweet kisses. I push her away and say lets go. She follows me to my car i ask'' where do you wanna go?'' she smiles and says ''lets go play?your place?'' i let out a disgusted noise and say no harshly.She looks outside and says ''Babe whos that ugly bag you went to bebe with yesterday?'' I was kinda confuse and said ''wha?'' she looks at me and says '' OH GOD HARRY give me a break paparazzi saw yuo and took 300 pics of you and some hobo fo shopping?!?!'' i knew she was talking about arianna i lied and said it was my cousin. She said ''oh my god harry i am so sorry!'' i nodded and she takes out her phone takes a pic of er kissing my cheek she even made me smile i see she put it on twitter i looked at my phone and it said she had mentioned me it read ''Me and my new sweetheart<3 (; going for ''lunch'' love you babe!'' then she tagged me oh god then she posted 400 new hash tags and said make them trend i hated them all esecially #haylormakebabies #lunchafairs i hated how she thinks we are gonna do something? My phone buzzed and i smiled to see the name that popped up it was arianna it read ''FROM :Arianna<3:*  babe do you have milk?and i miss you(: '' i replied where it was she made me laugh. We arived at a resturaunt and taylor tugged at my hand and it and i swear as soon as she said resevation for taylor she kissed me and then said oh wait sorry sir reservation for haylor.'' i swear i wanted to walk out. I hated how i had to date this woman i had never loved. The man sat us down to a tabe far from everyone i was dim and enclosed taylor started to get really touchy after the waitress left.She got her hand and put it on my inner thigh slowly moving up before she could any higer i grabbed her hand and but it on her inner thingh she winked and i took my hand away she said so you wanna play hard to get sweetie but i guess you wanna see how i like it first?'' i let out a disgusted noise as she make me watch her pleasure herself as she yelled ''OH HARRY ! MORE MORE! OH HARRY!'' i was disgusted with her she was so filthy!''The whole resturaunt was looking at us when she was done then my phone buzzed a text ffrom niall ''From Niall: Aye mate just read twitter and youtube hard you laid taylor at Frankie's resturaunt?'' i sighed and replied ''no mate she did herself and kept screaming my name, nasty bitch.'' i laughed and sent it i looked on twitter and saw eveyone thinks me and taylor did it in a resturaunt.I wa so tired of her. I looked around left 100 dollars and said i had to go. She made a face then said okay i walked out and drove home.  I was greeted by a zillion kisses from my true love. But she seemed mad why? I asked and she said manaement came by the house so she had to hide around, till they found her.

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