A hidden love

Harry styles is baiscly a robot now always does what management says. He is forced to date a horrid rude girl just for fame. But he falls in love with a nobody who management would highly disapprove of. what will him and this mysterious girl do?


1. The wicked witch

Harry's POV I know it seems weird that my life is controlled and i have to date this girl but lets see who management picks. I walk into the studio to be greeted by a blonde with red lips and wavy hair. I knew her ,yeah we were good friends and all but, she wasnt like a girl i would date.'' Hi harry! i love this idea that our managers had that we date'' taylor said with a wink. I knew i wouldnt like this. Taylors POV i loved the idea that i would get to date THE HARRY STYLES . i have had a crush on him since FOREVER . None of my relationships ever work out but this one im sure of it. I just cant wait to take him home.As soon as i saw the door knob turn i run to the door to greet him. He looked disapointed. oh well i am uber excited. Harry's POV i guess she was OKAY . I askd if she wanted to meet tomorrow at noon for lunch. She imediatly said yes. I walked home. On my way i bumped this girl,she was so beautiful hidden behind dirt and torn up clothes. I looked at her she  had fallen i helped her up her beautiful blue eyes sparkled and a tear ran down her cheek i wiped it with my thumb. She said hesitantly'' oh my,im so sorry, please sir dont harm me.'' I laughed and replied'' love, i wont hurt you,whats your name?Im harry''she smiled and said'' im Arianna Zuvalle '' ''if u would likke arianna i can walk youu home?it would be my honor'' She hesitated and said''well harry to be honest i dont have a home im homeless'' ''well at least to your parents'' ''i hav none they died when i was 5'' I put my head down then said''oh..well if you would like you can come to my place im sure we can go buy you some clothes then go head to my place?'' She nodded then we went on.

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